Excelan Clinic and it’s Highly Professional Services?

Excelan clinic comprises highly qualified professionals doctors who are here to serve you with the best services possible with their extreme experience and passion to serve you. If you’re a resident of Marbella and Costa del sol, then here are some of the services which excelan clinic can provide you.

Our doctors and nurses are always here to look for the problems in you and resolve them through their experience, highly trained staff, and high-quality equipment. Our services are for all, but we are the best for foreigners as our team comprises multilingual staff, so there is no language barrier.

Doctor at your Doorstep


Our highly trained and professional staff are always available to care at your Doorstep. The best thing about them is that they are available in the condition you’re living and residing at Costa del Sol.

You can avail of their care, such as a park, hotel, or restaurant. If you’re a traveler here, our services are best for you as you don’t have to look around for a good doctor in town. Just call us, and our doctor will be there for you within no time.

Our doctors are English speaking, and if you’re not a native, then there is no problem as our time is multilingual.



Besides providing you with the best care by our best team, we are also experts in providing you with the best emergency and urgent services.

We understand that vigilance and fast service are essential in emergency conditions where every minute matters, so we already have a team available to assist you. Besides these, our team is multilingual, so you don’t have to worry about the language barrier as it can lead to chaos.

So if you have faced any emergency conditions, call us, and our team will be available to serve you along with their high-quality equipment.

Ambulance Transportation

Ambulance Transportation

Besides all the services mentioned earlier, we also know how crucial ambulance Transportation is, and we are experts in providing ambulance Transportation services. If you’re a Marbella and Costa del sol resident and looking for an ambulance service to transport you from home to hospital or hospital, we will assist you. We can provide the emergency ambulance service from your home to the hospital if you’ve any emergency or can execute the hospital transfer at the scheduled appointment.

We aren’t limited to the ambulance as mentioned above. We. We offer our services to carry you to your doctor if you’re unable to do so for any reason or take you home from the hospital after discharge if the doctor has advised you not to drive.

All our ambulances are of the latest model, such as Mercedes Benz, and provide you with a fast and comfortable journey.

Other services

We also provide other services as mentioned.

Private nursing services

Nursing Homes

Our team consists of highly trained nurses who can provide you with the best nursing experience at your home and Clinic.

You can avail of their services for such as:

  • Essential monitoring (pulse, blood pressure, and temperature).
  • Vaccinations, injections, and intravenous treatments.
  • Catheter care.
  • Ear irrigation.
  • Complex and straightforward wound dressing.
  • Blood draws.
  • Stitching of wounds and stitch removal

Regular Medical Checkups

Regular Medical Checkups

Regular medical checkups are often taken for granted, but they’re very effective in preventing and treating diseases that can become lethal if not treated correctly.

We care for you and offer medical checkups through our highly trained doctors, who take your thorough examination and recommend the tests if they think something is wrong with you.

Sexual Health Checkups

Sexual Health Checkups

You are already aware of how common sexual problems and diseases have become. Having good sexual health is very necessary to maintain a stable life.

STDs are often asymptomatic, and that’s why they often go undiagnosed, and the carrier may transmit the disease to its healthy partner. Thus the best way to have safe and sound sex is to get tested. Our Excelan Clinic offers you a sexual health checkup and sexual tests. We are already aware of how embarrassing these tests can be, but we can assure you that our staff is professional enough to keep everything confidential.