5 Easy Exercises For Your Eyes


Any discussion about eyesight always proceeds with a mention of the increasing cases of high powered lenses being a widespread requirement among users. Strangely in recent years, it has been noticed that a variety of high powered lenses have been prescribed by doctors to youngsters and teenagers and in some cases to even younger children. Even though this phenomenon is country-specific there is a growing concern about deteriorating eyesight among all age groups the world over.

Reasons Behind Poor Eyesight

There are several reasons that can be attributed to the cause of deteriorating eyesight; it is common to assume that such instances are present mostly across developing countries and those belonging to the Third World. On one hand, where there can be no denial of this assumption being true, it is also a fact that more and more children across developed nations are faced with the same challenge.

This has caught the attention of experts and specialists who have cited the following reasons behind the problem.


Across many countries, it has been revealed by studies and continued observation that acute malnutrition or even lacking in substantial amounts have led to poor eyesight. There has been an absence of a balanced diet among growing children that has resulted in poor overall growth and similar implications on their eyesight.

Lack Of Proper Eye Care

There is a common perception that eye or vision problems can arise only beyond a certain age in life; though this is natural there is no such ruling that problems with visions cannot arise before a certain age. In fact, it is found to be a common phenomenon nowadays among children of different age groups to show signs of vision problems. A timely checkup can not only prevent these deteriorations but also help in the identification of the causes.


Among the many factors that are responsible for poor vision, pollution is one. Excessive smoke and dust in the atmosphere can affect your vision much before age takes its toll.


If you are in the process of taking medications for any treatments it could have an effect on your eyesight as well.

5 Easy Exercises For Your Eyes

There are some easy to follow exercises for your eyes that can be done regularly within the comforts of your home.


This has been one of the easiest and oldest methods of soothing your eyes and giving it much needed relief. Due to work requirements that entail working in front of the computer for long hours, watching television for leisure, and even playing video games – all of these can cause considerable stress on the nerves and muscles of your eyes. Place your elbows on a table and rest your eyes cupped within the palms of your hands. Ensure this is done lightly without exerting any pressure on the eyes. The cupping is ideal when it is light and less forced.

Blink Your Eyes Frequently

Often when you are focusing on your work you tend to look at things like a paper or a computer screen constantly. This means your eyelids are blinking less than usual rates which cause strain on the eyes. Blink more often within seconds and you will almost instantly notice relief with your eyes.

Near And Far Sighting

Seat yourself comfortably with two objects before you. One of these can be your finger within inches distance of your face and the other object can be at a distance of approximately 8 to 10 feet. Alternatively, focus your sight on each of these objects placed near and farther away from you within a gap of seconds.

Rolling Eye Movements

Rolling your eyeballs in anticlockwise and clockwise movements that involve the entire eyes is another exercise of the eyes.

Green Views

Early in the morning, you may find it extremely relaxing to give your eyes the soothing gaze of greenery. This could be absentmindedly staring at a tree in close vicinity. Natural greenery tends to have a soothing and rectifying effect for vision improvements.

There are various opinions about wearing glasses or even not wearing them; consulting a doctor with specialized experience will always be advisable. Every individual has a unique problem that requires individual attention and medical approach.

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