Different Healthy Types Of Rice

healthy types of rice

Rice is the staple food of many people worldwide. It is served with various side dishes like fish curry, chicken, pulses curries, and fried too. Many people living in coastal areas eat plenty of rice in various types of recipes.

Different Healthy Types Of Rice

Rice can be found in various types. There is boiled and raw rice, white and brown rice, the small, medium, and long-grain rice. Moreover, there are different qualities of rice found with various names worldwide. Let’s know more about the different types of rice.

1. Short-Grain Rice:

This type of rice is very sticky because it has more starch in it. It is used to prepare sushi and risotto. Italian Arborio rice is an example of short-grain rice.

2. Long-Grain Rice:

After cooking this rice becomes dry and the grains separate. The basmati and Jasmine rice is a very good example of long-grain rice. It is used in preparing fried rice with various ingredients like vegetables, chicken, eggs, and fish in it. This rice is also known for its amazing aroma when cooked.

3. Brown Rice:

This is termed as the healthiest rice because it is rich in vitamin B and contains the germs and the brown bran. It takes a long time to cook and contains more nutrients than white rice. Also, it tastes differently as compared to white rice. This rice can be difficult to digest because it has the outer covering that needs to be chewed properly.

4. Converted/Para-Boiled Rice:

This rice is easy to digest and hence is used for preparing various recipes daily. This rice is mostly eaten in Western countries and is easy to cook.

5. Wild Rice:

This is again the most nutritious and healthier rice. It is healthier than brown rice and is rich in proteins than carbohydrates. This rice can be categorized as a grass more than the rice, however, is always included in the nutrition of the rice. This rice is mixed with white or brown rice to prepare delicious recipes.

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Altogether, the healthiest rice is the one that contains vitamin B and proteins in it more than the carbohydrates. Thus, the different healthy types of rice can be mixed together to prepare healthy recipes.