Diabetes And Sexual Problems

sexual problems
sexual problems

Individuals that suffer from diabetes also have the potential to suffer from sexual problems as well. Diabetes and sexual problems often occur as a direct result of the damage that diabetes causes to the small-sized blood vessels in the body as well as the nerves throughout the body. It has been established throughout the years that the body has a unique response to stimuli that are sexually based.

This is actually an involuntary or unconscious response that is controlled by special nerves that are identified as “Autonomic Nerves”. Once a response is initiated, blood flow is increased to the sexual organs and the muscles in the body are informed to relax. Unfortunately, the nerves that control this response often suffer from damage in the diabetic sufferer and cause sexual problems. In this guide, you will learn more about diabetes and sexual problems.

Female Diabetic Sexual Problems

There are many different sexual problems that female diabetics may suffer from. Due to the sensitivity of the issue, studies on female sexual dysfunction and diabetes is actually quite limited, but the studies that have been done have concluded that nearly forty percent of all women with glucose-related health conditions suffer from some form of sexual dysfunction.

A lot of attention is often given to sexual dysfunction, but men are usually the target of such studies. However, medical professionals know and understand that females also suffer from nerve damage associated with diabetes. Therefore, they also suffer from many different forms of sexual dysfunction. The following identifies the most common challenges faced by females experiencing diabetic nerve damage that affects their sexual health:

  • Many women that have autonomic nerve damage that affects their sexual health will find that when they engage in sexual intercourse or other types of sexual activities that involve penetration they will become uncomfortable. The discomfort could be in the form of pressure or in the form of pain. Many women experience discomfort as a result of both pressure and pain.
  • Many women diabetics suffer from a high level of dryness in their vagina. Lubrication is important when it comes to the sexual satisfaction of the female. When it is limited, satisfaction may be delayed and discomfort may be experienced.
  • Many women may find that they simply do not desire to engage in sexual-based activities. This may or may not be accompanied by either a noticeable decrease or a complete absence of an appropriate response to sexual stimuli.

Male Diabetic Sexual Problems

Male diabetic sexual problems occur for the same reason that female sexual problems occur – as a result of an inappropriate response to sexual stimuli due to possible damage to the autonomic nerves throughout the body. Just like with females, there are many unique sexual problems that may affect males. These complications include issues with erectile dysfunction, as well as premature or retrograde ejaculation complications. It has been established that as many as seventy-five percents of all males that suffer from diabetes also suffer from some degree of sexual dysfunction.

It is important to understand that this percentage may be higher because of the fact that male sexual problems are studied more intensely than female sexual problems. If you suffer from any of these conditions related to your sexual health, it is important to consult with your doctor. There are many treatments available for individuals that suffer from both diabetes and sexual problems.