How Celebrity Moms Lose Post Pregnancy Weight

pregnancy weight
pregnancy weight

When you see new celebrity moms like Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, and Christina Aguilera you might think that they bounce back into shape after pregnancy because they have money to help them. Do you think they shed unwanted baby fat by hiring personal trainers and specialty dietitians or nutritionists?

Well, that might not always be the case, these celebrity moms often continue to follow their normal fitness routines after they become pregnant. They also may consider a hot, new healthy diet while carrying the baby in order to keep the extra weight down and easily get their gorgeous physique back quickly after pregnancy. Whether you are a celebrity or normal woman the key to staying in shape is to keep a healthy lifestyle before, during, and after pregnancy.

Christina Aguilera’s amazing voice put her at the top of the charts around the world making her a true celebrity. She has recently put all her fame on hold to start a family and has given birth to a healthy son. It was only a few months after that when Christina had her pre-pregnancy body back and looked better than before.

What’s her secret? Christina states at the beginning of her pregnancy for several weeks she started working with a personal trainer. After a few weeks, she continued the training on her own three to five times a week for a total of forty to sixty minutes. Christina also went online and found a nutritionist that advised her to eat healthy five to six days a week and then she could “cheat” on Sunday and eat what she wanted to.

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Jessica Alba started getting back into fitness slowly after the birth of her first daughter which she named Honor. Jessica’s approach was more natural, starting off in her home doing Pilates and yoga then working up to hitting the gym two to three times a week. Sources say Jessica also opted for an organic more green approach to her diet and she referenced that the Baby Bulge Be Gone program helped her lose the dreaded baby fat. Combined with her new diet Jessica also incorporated a light cardio program that included biking and brisk jogging.

Heidi Klum, most famous for her work as a supermodel has rebounded effectively after each of her four children. Heidi says that she surprises herself by being back to her fabulous shape so quickly after her pregnancies. Heidi claims that continuing her low carb, the strict, healthy diet helped her tremendously when she was ready to shed those unwanted post-pregnancy pounds.

Regardless of whether you’re getting ready for the runway, red carpet, or the typical grocery store trip all new mom’s celebrities or not are looking to lose weight after having a baby. You might look to the latest, fastest way to shed those unwanted pounds but the reality is you need a consistent program of diet and exercise. To achieve your goals you don’t need cooks, dieticians, or personal trainers you simply need dedication and hard work to do it just like the celebrities do.