Celebrity Diet and Workout Secrets – Part II

Celebrity Diet and Workout

A peek into what many celebs do to stay svelte and attractive.

Kathy Griffin

Kathy looked slender during the Grammy Awards held in the initial part of 2010. When questioned about her diet secrets, Kathy spoke about being perennially frustrated, starved, and cranky.

Tobey Maguire

He boosted his exercising regime for shedding twenty pounds in about a month for his award-winning part as a distressed soldier in the battle flick ‘Brother.’ Maguire spoke to E! about how eating much food was not possible and had to exercise vigorously. During shoots, he mentioned being able to work out for around 1 ½ hour daily, while on other days, he worked out for 3 hours daily.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She came clear about her annual diet recommendation on her site ‘Goop’ and has left several detoxifying pointers for the current year. Paltrow recommends food recipe types like ginger-carrots soup and the master cleanses diet’ last year, comprising lemon extract, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water. She spoke about feeling cleansed, light, and happier, plus shedding the surplus pounds, she put on earlier.

According to Paltrow on her website, those prepped for a total-body cleanse ensure to load up on honey, grounded coffee, and oatmeal. The thirty-five-year-old actress strongly recommends that these commonly used food items are ideal for maintaining her sanitation. She stated that one begins by scrubbing the body with grounded coffee followed by oatmeal + honey and ending up with aloe vera extract.

Elizabeth Hurley

Hurley’s favorite tipple is Vodka, undoubtedly, and the model-cum-actress revealed her secrets to British Daily Mail about avoiding coffees and wines and instead of indulging in Vodka at public gatherings. While at parties, she admits to having a mini drink of Vodka with loads of bubbly water and a large lemon dash.

Jessica Biel

Biel does not follow restaurant serves and claims to be eating merely half of what is served on her platter. The twenty-seven-year-old actress believes in striking the right balance in her dietetic intake. She states that eating foods that one likes is fine though having them in small amounts is paramount.

Bootylicious Beyonce

Even as her gyratory movements in the song ‘Single Ladies’ might seem to be adequate exercise, it does take far greater than quick dance movements for the curvaceous singer to be in shape.

Revealing to ‘Glamour’ and ‘Self’ magazines about her trade secrets to fit despite the taxing tour schedules, she mentions working out five times per week alongside a trainer. The exercise regime comprises a hundred squats, step up, and walking lung moves. Knowles also loves dancing and finds it fun. She is an ardent runner, too, as she feels that she could reflect during that time. Beyonce also practices yoga which she finds unwinding and ideal for sensing inner peace.

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