Celebrity Diet and Workout Secrets – Part I


Here Are Several Eye-Opening Facts About Celebrity Diet And Workout Secrets Followed By Many Celebs.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie, the toughie CIA agent in ‘Salt,’ had to pump up her body for gelling into her part. She consumed five mini-meals per day and followed a dietetic intake of seventy percent carbohydrates and thirty percent proteins. According to her trainer Simon Crane, she steered clear from cardio workouts to assist in putting on muscle while not shedding pounds. Angelina additionally had to endure a rigorous muscle-stamina-building training regimen for her role in the movie. Crane states that Jolie was well aware that suffering was due.

Jessica Biel

Coming clean about her dietetic habits in the famed glossy ‘Glamour,’ Biel spoke about eating healthy and exercising all week and giving herself a day off, generally being Sundays when she eats whatever she wants. She further adds that the one-day break is a must-have. Otherwise, one’s mind would go ‘nutso.’ Jessica’s usual workout regimen comprises 2-3 days per week alongside a personal trainer and exercising daily. Biel also avoids bread, dairy, sodium, sugary items, or excess meats when she’s working.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has braced the sultry season with a complete cleansing out of her digestive system, going vegan, sipping on exceptional Chinese tea, and cupping. The singer tweeted that this cleansing practice is not for shedding pounds but to understand her body via hydrating and alkalinity.

Jennifer Aniston

The actress has shed 7 pounds with due credit given to infant food dietetic intake suggested by trainer Tracy Anderson. The baby food dietetic intake entails consuming fourteen serves of infant foods daily, ensued by a healthful adult-specific dinner. Speaking about the diet, Tracy stated that she meticulously selected foods majorly pureed for cleansing the system and losing weight.

In the April edition of Harper’s Bazaar, United Kingdom, Aniston spoke about eating well and exercising, however, without compromising on her indulges or extremely starving herself. Aniston also mentions never parting with her coffee, milk, or wines as she would be distraught without them.

Naomi Campbell

Revealing the finer details about her flawless body on Oprah, Naomi’s diet comprises lemon juices, cayenne pepper, maple syrup which she tries doing a year thrice. She believes it is ideal means of cleansing the system.

Kim Kardashian

Following her split with NFL star Reggie Bush, Kim has managed to shed ten pounds and still maintain her envious curvy body. Kim’s significant alteration was starting to consume a real breakfast alongside working out with celeb trainer Gunnar Peterson, five days per week involving tautening core exercises like crunches and plank extension moves.

Spilling the beans on trimming herself to Ryan Seacrest, Kim uses Windex (four dollar spray) over her food for repulsing her from the food so that she won’t wolf it down.

Chelsea Handler

Telly hostess and comic Chelsea Handler show her in still another cover, this time in Shape after having graced the Playboy pay in the preceding calendar year. Talking at length on her diet regime to the mag, she states that whatever diets she attempted generally ended in her ceasing them due to boredom. She even states that doing yoga has not helped her in reducing stomach fat. Handler also finds cardio workouts quite aggravating.

Kelly Osbourne

Osbourne’s secret to maintaining her’ Dancing with the Stars’ weight loss is munching on an apple before hopping into bed. She believes that the aptly timed fruit intake assists her in curbing food cravings and revving body metabolism. Osbourne also gives due credit to Pilates, which she feels has helped improve her posture and have a tighter belly.

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