Celebrity Diet and Workout Plans Secrets – Part III


Here is a look at the dizzy heights of celebrity diet and workout plans engage in for looking their chic self.

Queen Latifah

The immensely talented and self-proclaimed voluptuary Queen Latifah shed twenty pounds and noted a cholesterol dip of twenty points ever since she signed on with the tailored weight reduction program centering on Jenny Cuisine meals & snacks during.

Rachel Hunter

Ex-Sports Illustrated Swimwear model Rachel Hunter was a spokesperson for the weight reduction beverage ‘Slim Fast,’ which she believes is worth trying.

Hugh Jackman

The X-men star lately came clean to a British tabloid about his workout routine comprising one and ½ hours daily training session five times per week involving rowing, treadmill, and weight-lifting. Vouched for the ‘sexist man alive’ by People glossy, Jackman believes in the mantra ‘you are what you eat’ and wakes up at four in the morning and eats whites of eggs in every three hourly intervals after that.

Britney Spears

The pop star got totally into shape as she prepped up for her 6th album’ Circus.’ Speaking to the ‘OK’ glossy, she spoke about steering clear sugar and sugars present in fruits and fruit-juices. Her diet comprises egg-whites for the first meal of the day, turkey burgers for lunchtimes, chicken, salmons, avocado, and brown rice. Spears believes in eating the right kind of foods, and her exercise regimes entail working out thrice a day, five times a week, and guess what ‘a thousand crunches daily’.

Drew Barrymore

This actress’s weight has shown drastic fluctuations throughout the years; however, lately, the thirty-three-year-old has been spotted looking healthy and fit. Her appearance in ‘Charlie Angels’ was due to following vegetarianism. She professes to increase her protein intake and running 5 miles thrice a week to stay fit.

Jennifer Aniston

Ardent followers of Jennifer have mimicked her hair-does and diet for since long. Jen has been a long-standing adherent of the Zone Diet that comprises food types with forty percent carbs, thirty percent worth of protein, and fats. She also does yoga regularly to clear the mind, and her preferred pose is the ‘Child pose.’

Bill Clinton

Ex-president Bill Clinton had been quite vocal about his penchant for calorie-rich food types, with his favorite meals being spinach, ham, mash potato, peas, lima/green beans, cornbreads, collard, home-prepared ice-cream plus fruit pies. But, after undergoing a cardiac bypass operation around six years ago, he has sworn off some food habits in an endeavor to have a healthy, lengthy existence.

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As per information provided by the NY Times, Mr. Clinton managed to shed twenty pounds post-surgery and has created a diet for himself that incorporates the best of South Beach and Atkins – low-carbohydrate, protein-rich dietetic intake.

Gerard Butler

In the flick ‘300′, Butler’s body was such a craze during the year following its release that several exercise & fitness centers countrywide started offering the 300 or Spartacus workout for those keen on getting the chiseled warrior physique. For getting under the skin of the character in ‘300′, Butler’s workout regimen is believed to comprise twenty-five pull-ups, fifty push-ups, fifty jumps over a twenty-four inches box, fifty dead-lifts using 135-pound weights, and fifty-one armed clean and presses with thirty-six-pound kettlebells.


The fifty-year-old Madonna’s age-defying body results from a lot of hard work and certainly no shortcuts. She has been practicing the Ashtanga yoga pose for decades. Additionally, the material girl is an ardent follower of the macrobiotic diet. Illustrating her dietetic intake on ‘Larry King Live,’ she spoke about including fishes, several grain types, cooked veggies, and salads. The momma of 3 kids is believed to be on the StairMaster for forty-five minutes daily while attending calls at her workplace.

Madonna’s confessions to ‘Elle’ glossy were that diet plus exercising and being always vigilant is the secret to the way she looks. She also states that she would continue doing the same even in the future and would not become sedentary and turn fat.

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