Bust-Boosting Moves for A Perkier You


Let’s Face the Truth. Exercising would not bring about enlargement in cup sizes; however, the right moves might help make your breasts seem more full & perkier (plus that eye-catching cleavage for that deep-cut outfit), building the supporting muscles underneath the breast areas.

Explained herewith are simple moves that would naturally enhance the appearance of your bust and certainly boost confidence levels.

6 Best Breast Exercises

Wall Presses

  • You were standing three to four ft. away from a barrier, hands placement on the stability ball pressing against a barrier at the level of your shoulders.
  • They are gradually bending elbows outwards to one’s sides & lowering trunk towards the ball. There is no reason to be concerned when heel areas are coming off the ground—pressing back till arms are straightened.
  • I was doing ten to twelve repetitions.

Trunk Opening Move

  • You are kneeling, being seated on the heel areas & clasping hands to the back of your head.
  • Being seated erect & in a gentle manner, rolling shoulders back so that one senses the trunk widen.
  • Holding for three breaths & then repeating.

Hand-Walker Move

  • It is placing hands direct underneath the shoulders on the central part of a six inches step.
  • Straightening arms & walking feet backwards till the body is forming a straight line from top to toes.
  • Lifting & planting right hand six to ten inches to the right of the step. Shifting weight to the right, then lifting & planting left hand on the ground to the left or right hand. Returning to the beginning pose, place left hand & then right back on the step. She was repeating to the left side of the step, beginning with her left hand. Keep doing it and alternate sides for ten to twelve repetitions.
  • Do not make the mistake of thrusting your butts up mid-air.

Half Push-ups

  • Placing hands at a distance shoulder-width away on a seat. Now balancing on hand & ball of the foot areas so that the body is straightened from crown to feet.
  • Elbows are to be bent & the body lowered to fifty per cent of the gap to the seat (six to eight inches). Holding for half a minute & then pressing back up to the beginning position.
  • I am doing three to five repetitions.

Criss-Crossed Presses

  • A three to eight lbs dumbbell clutched in both hands & lying with back on the bench or a carpet on the ground bending knees with feet placed flattened on the bench. Now arms are to be placed out at the sides; elbows bent so that the upper arm areas are at the height of the shoulders & palm areas to face forwards.
  • Contracting trunk & pressing dumbbells upwards so that right wrist crosses on top of the left one. They are lowering to the beginning pose and, on the subsequent repetition, crossing the left wrist on top of the right one. Continually alternate cross-cross moves for eight to sixteen repetitions.

Trunk Expanding Move

  • We were being seated erect on a bench, extending arms to the fore of the trunk.
  • Now scapulas or shoulder blade areas are to be squeezed together & reaching the left arm upwards & outwards as the right arm is going downwards & outwards so that arms form an oblique line.
  • Holding for half a minute and returning to the beginning pose & switching arm positioning for repeating the stretches.
  • When making such moves, the shoulders are to be kept down & back, abdominals tightened & the upper body longish & erect to sense the trunk muscles work.
  • Shoulders must not be rounded forwards since it could be straining shoulder & neck areas.

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