Best Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Busy Schedule


Put simply, life is hectic. You may have an upcoming deadline, lunches to pack, laundry to do, kids to pick up, and family members to see. With our hectic lifestyles, how do we fit in exercise and how important is it that we get enough?

Busy Schedule

The Importance of Exercise

We know that an active lifestyle is important for our overall health, but how so? Once you recognize the benefits of exercise, then you will understand that your busy schedule needs to shift. When you incorporate exercise into your life, you:

1. Prevent Disease:

Good health is not solely based on nutrition. Being active is essential for your internal organs and overall health. When you are an active person, you decrease your risk of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and stroke. There is also a correlation between exercise and cognitive decline.

2. Control Your Weight:

Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, exercise is key. When you’re physically active, you are burning calories. A healthy weight is not independent of disease prevention. It’s important to maintain a healthy weight, benefiting your internal organs so that they’re able to function properly.

3. Increase Your Energy:

Exercising on a regular basis improves stamina, muscle strength, and endurance. During exercise, your tissues and organs receive more nutrients and oxygen. This helps your cardiovascular system to work more efficiently, increasing energy levels.

4. Improve Your Mood:

Exercise is recommended for individuals that suffer from depression and anxiety. This is because you release endorphins during and after exercise. These chemicals trigger positive feelings.

I’m So schedule, How Do I Fit in Exercise?

If you want to exercise but you can’t seem to find the time, stop making excuses. If you can find time to get your nails done, go out for beers with your friends, or go on vacation – then you can exercise. The following tips will help you work towards your goal of being a healthier, more active individual.

Wake Up Earlier

We all know that sleep is essential for our health and productivity. However, you can adjust your sleeping patterns so that exercise is incorporated. If you normally go to bed each night at 11 pm, then start going to bed at 10:30 pm. You can then get up a half-hour earlier in order to take a jog around the block, go for a swim, or cycle around.

You will not only improve your health, but you will get yourself up and moving for the day. You will be surprised at the amount of energy you have. If you’re struggling to wake up and get motivated, wear your workout clothes to bed. That way, as soon as the alarm goes off, you can get yourself moving.

Fit Fitness Into Your Work Schedule

Yes, you can’t exactly start working out during your eight-hour shift. You can make small changes, however. For starters, focus on your commute. How far do you live from work? Can you walk or cycle there? If so, you have begun exercising without even trying to tweak your busy schedule much.

When you get to work, forget the elevator or escalator. Opt for the stairs. Taking a couple of flights of stairs each day adds up at the end of the week. If possible, you can even sneak in a workout during your lunch break. Is your gym close by? If not, take a nice walk around the block. It’s beneficial to get some vitamin D, especially if you’re indoors all day.

Slowly Progress

If you do not currently exercise often, don’t try to win a marathon anytime soon. You need to start small, working your way up. If you go all out and try to exercise two hours a day, you’re more likely to give up or burnout. If you slowly progress, you are more likely to stay on track. You will also prevent injury.

You do not need to exercise for extended periods right away. Make time for 20-minute sessions, three times a week. Whether this is walking your dog, taking a jog with the stroller, or yoga; simply make time for short workouts. When you take small steps, you can achieve long-term goals.

Schedule It In

If you’re really struggling with finding enough time, then schedule it in. Just as you schedule out your work week, treat exercise the same. If you have ‘Monday night workout’ written on your calendar, then you’re more likely to make it happen (especially if you’re one to plan ahead).

Look for slots in your busy schedule. If you have a free hour on Wednesday, fill half-hour with some intense exercise. You will then learn to incorporate exercise into your regular routine. Many find once they do, they actually enjoy it. It’s not only rewarding, but it’s some time to yourself.

Get Off the Couch and Get Moving

Once you begin exercising regularly, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to take charge. You will look and feel better. Being busy schedule not stop you from achieving your exercise goals. As you take the time to exercise, start investing some time into learning about proper nutrition as well.

Don’t let a hectic busy schedule hold you back from being the best that you can be. Improve your mental and physical health through exercise. Push yourself towards new and exciting goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain your health, or increase productivity; exercise is a great place to start.

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