10 Best Foods To Eat While Pregnant

best foods to eat while pregnant

You’ll hear a lot about the foods and drinks you need to foods avoid when pregnant. For example, you’re probably very familiar with the evils of soft cheeses and know that excessive caffeine consumption may be linked to miscarriages. However, it’s equally important to think about potential dietary changes that boost the health of you and your baby, and it turns out that there are plenty. Try to add as many of the following foods to your diet.

10 Best Foods To Eat While Pregnant

#1. Greek yogurt is best foods to eat while pregnant

Greek yogurt is best foods to eat while pregnant

Calcium is vital during pregnancy, as your body will start to take some of your supply if you don’t have a high enough intake to sustain the development of your child’s bones and teeth. Women who become deficient in calcium are more likely to develop bone density problems or suffer from fractures. In addition to getting a regular supply of Greek yogurt, stock your cupboards with broccoli, dried fruit, and your favourite bread.

#2. Brown rice

Although you should be taking a folic acid supplement, it’s smart to adjust your diet as well. Brown rice is one of the best dietary sources of folic acid, helping to reduce the risk of your baby developing congenital disabilities like spina bifida. Other foods that contain rich supplies of folic acid include cereal and leafy green vegetables. In addition, whole grains like brown rice also provide you with selenium that may reduce high blood pressure during pregnancy.

#3. Meat is best foods to eat while pregnant

Meat is best foods to eat while pregnant

Meat is the best source of iron, keeping your energy levels up and helping to prevent you from developing anaemia. If you are a vegetarian, you can boost your iron intake by snacking on nuts, eating certain meat substitutes, and adding leafy green vegetables to your meals. Iron supplements will be necessary if you become anaemic, but you can influence your risk factors by keeping an eye on your diet. If you feel excessively tired or weak, talk to your doctor about an iron test.

#4. Bananas

You need around 1.9mg of vitamin B6 per day  during pregnancy , and bananas can help you reach your target. Other dietary sources include chicken, cereals, and watermelon. Vitamin B6 helps your baby’s brain and nervous system develop properly and plays a key role in red blood cell formation. As a bonus, it’s worth noting that some pregnant women find this vitamin helps in preventing or reducing morning sickness. Meanwhile, the potassium in bananas may give you a much-needed spike of energy when you’re hit by pregnancy fatigue.

#5. Eggs is best foods to eat while pregnant

Eggs is best foods to eat while pregnant

Although an average egg contains only 90 calories, eggs provide you with plenty of nutrients that promote a healthy pregnancy. Protein helps with cell development as your baby grows, choline cuts the risk of neural tube defects, and low levels of saturated fat are great for your cardiovascular system.

#6. Beans

Beans are rich in zinc, which is necessary for the process of cell division that occurs as your baby’s organs develop. Doctors recommend around 11mg a day for pregnant women, and you can also find zinc in red meat, dairy foods, and chicken. However, beans are also helpful in other ways, offering your body loads of fibre that promotes regular bowel movements.

#7. Oily fish

As well as providing folic acid, oily fish are an excellent source of  vitamin D . This vitamin helps to ensure your baby’s bones and strong (as well as strengthening your own) by regulating your phosphate and calcium levels. Women need a daily dose of around 10mg of vitamin D while pregnant or breastfeeding, which many choose to obtain through supplements and diet and sun exposure. It’s also smart to get your doctor to test your vitamin D levels, as some people suffer from a deficiency that could be hazardous during pregnancy.

#8. Oranges is best foods to eat while pregnant

Oranges is best foods to eat while pregnant

One of the most popular fruits, oranges, are packed with vitamin C that boosts your body’s iron absorption. Fruits and vegetables are generally good sources of vitamin C, with strawberries, bell peppers, and broccoli also containing particularly impressive amounts.

#9. Sweet potatoes

As you are probably aware, consuming too much-preformed vitamin, A increases the risk of liver damage and congenital disabilities. However, it’s safe (and indeed beneficial) to consume plenty of foods that provide you with carotenoids, as your body will only convert these to vitamin A when there is a need. Sweet potatoes are one of the tastiest choices, but you can also get carotenoids from tomatoes and carrots.

#10. Oatmeal best foods to eat while pregnant

Oatmeal best foods to eat while pregnant

Finally, it’s hard to beat oatmeal when it comes to healthy sources of complex carbohydrates, and these hard-working carbs can make it easier to face the day when you’re pregnant. Carrying a baby can be incredibly tiring, and oatmeal not only gives you energy but also helps you to feel fuller for longer. There is even some evidence that oat bran can lower cholesterol levels when regularly consumed in the long term.


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