Maximizing the Benefits of Your Juicer


When people invest in a juicer, they’re investing in their health—juicing fruits and vegetable yields numerous benefits, allowing individuals to change their lifestyle. To maximize benefits, there’s some vital information that you should be aware of.

Juicing is more than throwing fruits and vegetables into a machine and drinking what it yields. Depending on your reason for juicing, you may be targeting specific ingredients. It’s essential to understand which fruits and vegetables provide the greatest, beneficial outcome.

The following tips will allow you to maximize your juicer and the benefits it brings.

Drink Up Immediately

Once you finish juicing, drink your concoction immediately. When you juice, you’re breaking open cell walls, releasing various beneficial nutrients. Although this is ideal, these nutrients are susceptible to heat, air, and light. Therefore, if you leave your juice out too long, you begin to lose some nutritional content.

If you must make a slightly larger batch, store your juice in an air-tight container. Once you choose an air-tight jar or thermos, fill your juice right to the top. This will eliminate your chances of oxidization. Do not store your juice for more than 24-hours. Only follow this method if you must, as immediate consumption is best.

Rotate Your Ingredients

If you’re new to juicing, then start with fruits that you enjoy. Many begin with common fruits, creating a great tasting combination. From there, start adding more exotic ingredients. If you have issues with your blood sugar, speak with your doctor before beginning an all-fruit juicing diet. Although these natural sugars are easily digested, they could potentially pose a threat.

Once you’re comfortable with juicing, begin experimenting with vegetables. Yes, vegetables can take some time to get used to in terms of taste. However, they provide incredible benefits and can be mixed with various fruits to add some sweetness.

It would help if you focused on various combinations, as your body needs high levels of minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, carbohydrates, fiber, water, and enzymes. When ingredients are rotated or combined, you provide your body with a surge of energy and nutrients.

Get Creative

You’re not just limited to fruits and vegetables when juicing. Getting creative with ingredients will allow you to maximize your juicing potential. Seeds and nuts are a great addition, as they contain fatty acids and protein. You can grind these up and add them to your juices for an extra boost.

Vitamin B is essential for maintaining your health. Since fruits and vegetables are low in this vitamin, you can add algae to your juicing mix. Spirulina and chlorella are incredibly high in vitamin B, providing an additional benefit. You can purchase these in powder form, mixing them in with your juice content.

Just start experimenting with ingredients that add additional benefits. Some elements increase the absorption of vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamins A, D, E and K, are all fat-soluble. Meaning they’re absorbed more effectively when they’re consumed with a source of fat. This is another reason why adding nuts is an excellent idea; they increase absorption.

Understand How to Properly Juice

Although the machine does all the work, there are ways that you can maximize results. You can increase the amount of juice that your machine yields by simply pushing your fruits and vegetables through more slowly. This can increase the amount of liquid by 25-30%. So, take your time with it.

The best way to check your juicing technique is by examining the pulp. If your discarded pulp is wet, then you’re wasting juice. It should be light, dry, and puffy. Also, clean as you go. Some vegetables are especially fibrous.

Don’t be afraid to clean the blade or metal screen often. Once you collect your pulp, make sure to compost it. This makes for the healthiest soil so that you can grow some of your fruits and vegetables.

Juice Away

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or improve your health, juicing is a great way to drink a condensed glass of nutrients. Experiment and get creative with your juicer. Maximize the benefits whenever possible, providing your body with the best possible concoction. Drink up and enjoy the benefits that were juicing brings.