10 Health Benefits of Outdoor Play For Children

benefits of outdoor play

Spending time in the open and being surrounded by fresh air and natural sunlight is the best thing for the health benefits of outdoor play for children. Regardless of their age and whether they like the benefits of outdoor play or not, you should encourage them to spend more time in the open, and here are ten reasons why.

Physical health

No matter how old your kids are, it’s definitely better for them to be in the open than stuck in their bedroom. This is going to improve their physical health and allow them to enjoy a better quality of life, and that’s something all parents want. Being in the open will, among other things, improve their vision – according to a 2012 study – and help them control their weight.

Social skills and friendships

Being in the open also means being surrounded by other kids, and that’s the best way to grow into a healthy and happy individual. Promoting social skills and learning how to be a better friend is just one of the benefits of spending time outside. This is also the best way to meet new friends and get in contact with other kids – they might just meet their future best friend or spouse in the park!

Learning abilities

Speaking of parks, children love exploring the world around them and figuring out new things, and a great way to do so is by taking them to the park and showing all the different things they can see there. They’ll be happy to learn about birds, trees, and animals, and find out more about the world around them, so spending time in the open is more educational than you could ever imagine.

Go camping

Now, if you really want to show your kids something new and inspire them to learn new things, take them camping. They might hate the idea at first, but they’ll surely love it later and ask you to go camping again. The best thing about camping is that you don’t have to go too far – a forest near your home, the countryside, or even your own backyard will do. You’ll have to get a few pieces of equipment you may not have at the moment, though, so find an affordable and reliable camping store in your area, and you’ll be able to get everything you need in just a few minutes.

Develop new skills

When you were a kid, you surely knew how to climb up and down a tree, run across a log, and land on your feet no matter where you fell from. But do your kids know how to do these things as well? Probably not, to be honest, and it’s your job to teach them. Take them to the backyard and show them these essential skills that will boost their flexibility and take their agility to a whole new level.

Reduce stress

This is an issue we don’t usually think enough about, feeling that kids can’t be stressed out precisely because they are still kids! However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, and your child is susceptible to stress as much as you are. That’s why you need to help them deal with it, and one of the ways to do so is by taking them out. Studies have shown that “green schoolyards can reduce stress and promote protective factors for resilience in students,” so help your kids find inner peace by encouraging them to spend more time in the open.

Exposure to sun

This is a vital part of every happy and healthy childhood, and instead of being inside all the time, your kids should spend more time outdoors. Natural sunshine will elevate their vitamin D level, strengthen their bones, boost their immune system and make them happier than ever – and these are just some of the ways to make sure your kid is 100% healthy.

Improve focus

More and more kids suffer from attention deficit disorder these days, and their parents don’t know how to help them. But, the answer is surprisingly simple – just take them outside! A 2001 study showed that there’s a strong connection between ADD and spending time outside and that being surrounded by nature is amazing for kids dealing with this disorder.

Sleep better

Being outside all day long will make your kids happy, but also tired, and that’s the first step towards a good night’s sleep. After running around for hours and making new friends, they’ll be fast asleep before you know it – but just make sure they take a shower first, just in case they try to skip it!

Appreciate nature

Let’s be honest: the world is changing and our planet is suffering from all sorts of troubles. While this isn’t our kids’ fault, it’s something they’ll have to live with for the rest of their lives. That’s why being surrounded by nature when you’re a kid changes your perception of it and helps you realize the benefits of being eco-friendly and sustainable. So, teach them how to appreciate and value nature, and they’ll surely thank you for that when they grow up.

Showing your kids why nature is so cool and amazing is a slow process, so don’t rush into it, thinking you’ll be able to force them to fall in love with the benefits of outdoor play right away. Take it easy and let them pick the activities and places they love the most, and they’ll become fans of nature sooner than you think.