5 Beauty Treatments for 40 Something Women


Haven’t you heard; 40s are the new 30s? They certainly are, but only if you take proper care of yourself, which includes your health and appearance. Unfortunately, there are only so many skincare products and other at-home cosmetic endeavors you can do, and in this mature age, you know better than leaving things to chance. In this day and age, there are so many revolutionary beauty treatments that can help you look your best in your new 30s. Here are five of them you might want to try out.


In your 40s, it is only natural to experience skin changes. However, it is not at all pleasant to watch as your skin is losing its natural structure and tightness. You can fight back with a treatment called Ultherapy or otherwise Ulthera. This is a non-invasive ultrasound procedure that can be administered on both the face and the body. It stimulates the production of elastin and collagen by focusing ultrasound waves beneath the skin and deep within the skin. Since the superficial layers of the skin are bypassed and untouched with this method, there is no downtime needed after the treatment, which is perfect if you are a really busy lady.

Laser skin resurfacing

Other skin problems that might arise in your 40s are blemishes, blotches, acne scars, and wrinkles. Some of them happen due to the natural course of time, and some happen due to a hormones-gone-crazy period. But you won’t let them do what they want, will you? Laser skin resurfacing is a popular treatment that includes removing old skin layers with precision which allows the new skin cells to form, develop and heal. This leaves the skin tighter and younger-looking. Unlike the Ultherapy, skin resurfacing requires bandaging the treated areas. After the procedure, you might experience swelling and itching, but you can heal completely in up to 20 days.


It is understandable that you should remain physically active for your health and appearance throughout your life, but there are some fat deposits that are way more persistent in remaining stuck to your body than you are in going to the gym. A revolutionary treatment called coolSculpting is here to deal with them. Otherwise called fat-freezing, this treatment uses the non-surgical method of controlled cooling to eliminate the stubborn deposits of fat that persist regardless of your exercise and diet efforts. It takes a couple of procedures to achieve visible results, but there is no recovery time needed.

As this treatment is newest in the medical sector, it is highly recommended to get it done under the observation of skilled professionals only. When it comes to using fat-freezing technology, you should consider a highly reputed coolsculpting manufacturer like DELEO. This is because when the machinery used is not up to the mark you may loss sensation around treatment areas. Otherwise, there are no harm or side effects of this treatment as it doesn’t involve any cuttings, tissue manipulation or anesthesia.

Eyelid surgery

Another villain that appears out of nowhere as you age comes in the form of drooping eyelids. This affects not only your appearance, but also your eyesight, so it is essential to fix it as soon as possible. Eyelid surgery is one of those treatments that are 100% worth it. It improves the look of both upper and lower eyelids and provides you with a rejuvenated appearance. After it, you will look fresh and rested. The procedure is invasive and it requires anesthesia, but the recovery period isn’t long, especially when you compare it with the results which are long-lasting.


You’re in your 40s now, and there is no need to make plastic surgery of the genitals a taboo topic. If you are feeling any discomfort during intercourse or while riding a bike, or you just don’t find your vagina as attractive as it once was, you should consider labiaplasty. This is a procedure that aims to reduce the labia minora to prevent it from hanging below the labia majora. The recovery needed after the procedure is about one week, and you may continue having intercourse after four to six weeks.

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