Attributes of Tens Machine


The advent of the tens machine is a boon for people who are suffering from chronic disorders. It is an effective tool that goes a long way in eliminating health issues to a great extent. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation device is one of its kinds that have the capability to provide relief to the patients. In fact, people can accrue huge benefits by using the machine in an impeccable manner.

Effective pain management program:

One of the most important advantages is the alleviation of the pain largely. If you are an athlete and suffering from injury, use the Tens machine, operating on the principle of nerve stimulation. It generates electrical output that interferes with the pain signals being transmitted to the brain. It is considered as the sensory level simulation and goes a long way in alleviating the discomfort of the individuals. Pain occurs at the site of infection and it travels to the brain through nerve signals. The neural gate is shut by the use of the device to deliver sterling results to the users. They can get good night sleep after using the machine, as it eliminates the pain.

As far as the motor level simulation is concerned, it plays an important role in releasing the opiate substance in the body to get relief from pain.

Effective usage:

The machine can only be effective if used according to the requirements and specifications of the users. To get the sensory level simulation, it is important to generate high pulse frequency at a shorter duration. With the help of sinusoidal waves, it is possible to block the pain signals in an easy and hassle-free manner. Thereby, it gives relief to the person from the pain.

During the usage, people forget about the pain, as the emission of the pain signal is obstructed impeccably. A TENS machine is used for ending chronic and acute pain of the patients. Motor stimulation is carried out with the help of low pulse frequency for a shorter duration of time. It helps to cause muscular twitches to affect the area injured or infected. After the removal of the device, the pain is completely eliminated for a long period of time. It is a wonderful proposition for people who are suffering from long term pain disorder.

Blended stimulation is a combination of sensory and motor actions that are effective in treating pain-related symptoms. There is probe like electrodes used to accomplish the task. The technique of hyperstimulation is used when all other modes of TENS machines have failed. Although effective, the stimulation process is quite painful and used as a last resort by the experts.

Relief in dental and back pain:

One of the most important advantages of the machine is that it is highly useful in managing the dental as well as back pain. Dental patients were administered machines instead of drugs during the installation process of the implants. It also helps to inhibit muscular pain largely. People can get complete freedom from the inflammation of the muscles to a greater extent. If you are suffering from a pinched nerve or disc degeneration, it is vital to avail the services of the machine get much-needed respite.


TENS unit was tested in case of arthritis and was found to be extremely effective. It played an important role in resolving the problem of muscle stiffness. Stronger pulses for longer time duration remove the psyche of pain from the brain. They are extremely beneficial for the patients affected with the joint and knee pain in legs due to the nerve stimulation capabilities. Thus, to have relief from chronic pain, it is highly beneficial to use a TENS machine.

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