Arthritis in Women: Some Important Factors

Arthritis in Women

Unfortunately, it is true that currently, the number of arthritis in women patients. It is a condition that affects the musculoskeletal system—arthritis results in severe pain in joints.

The situation becomes more worsen if the patient is in the workplace. It will be a great combination of pain and complete uneasiness. Many times, the disease creates extreme damage in the bones.

Historical researches have said that the condition locates on the earth since 4500 BC. In the year 1715, a scientist gave some important notes on the disease in his book. Let us glance at some of the issues that cause arthritis in women and find those methods that can give relaxation and cure.

However, currently, medical science has brought several treatment methods to treat this health condition; some of the natural herbs and even a simple change in the diet can help give a significant relaxation in pain.

Types of Arthritis:-

Several types of arthritis affect the human body like for example, Rheumatoid arthritis. This arthritis deeply affects the immune system and creates trouble in the joints, tissues, and other surrounded areas. Osteoarthritis is medically recommended as a degenerative joint disease.

This sickness generally affects older women. The person who suffers from the infection gets serious problems in moving their body parts. The other is knee arthritis, which is also a section of osteoarthritis. Tendinitis creates swellings in the tendons.

Symptoms and Signs:-

The patient who has arthritis may face different kinds of  Signs of arthritis. The joints of the neck, hands, and legs usually get the effects of arthritis. Stiffness and pain will occur in the joints, which will increase gradually. The joints will also have swelling.

If the pain and swelling do not get proper treatment, the patient may also face trouble moving the affected part of the surrounding area. The joints can also have redness. Condition of arthritis can also lead to bone cancer if you do not get proper treatment.


Physical experts generally face trouble fighting the condition of arthritis through a diagnosis. However, in the initial stage, the physical experts can diagnose through a simple physical view. From a biological perspective, they check and recheck the inflammation type, the severity of the redness, and abnormality of the joints.

They also check how much pressure the patient needs to give to move the joints. The test also includes blood, urine test, and Synovial fluid test.

Arthritis and Ayurveda:

The natural treatment process of Ayurveda says that the joint pains occur due to a Vata Dosha as three doshas derive the human body. The Vata, Pitta and Kafa. It says that if Ama, a harmful toxin caused by unmanaged digestion, collects in the Vata, it can create pain in the joints.

Thus, the diet should be in such a way that can treat the Ama. In the treatment process of Ama, the digestion process should be cleared and well managed. The first step is fasting. The person, who suffers from Ama, can do fasting one day in a weak. A mixture of honey and lemon juice with warm water is also good.

The patient should also adopt mild exercises regularly. Arthritis patients are also suggested to intake Vitamin C or those fruits and vegetables, which have vitamin C like the oranges.

Herbs for arthritis in women:

Ayurvedic herbs have been in the treatment for bone deficiencies for so many years. Some of the herbs like Amla, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, and Guggul are those medicinal herbs used to treat arthritis conditions.

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Arthritis diet: The patients suffering from the illness should always have that food to digest well. The food particles should not create any gas. In this way, the juices of vegetables are very helpful. The juices of carrots, cucumber, and beetroots in an excessive amount are like natural boons for arthritis patients. One can also have vegetable salads with lemon juice on an everyday basis.

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The other fruits like oranges, apples, papaya, and grapes are excellent in the treatment. Physical experts say that the cooked vegetables like zucchini, pumpkin, etc., can also combat arthritis. Many cooking spices like garlic, ginger, fennel, turmeric, cumin, coriander will also help.

What should be avoided?

The patient who has arthritis should always those foods that can create gas. For example, potato, spinach, okra, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cabbages, spicy or extremely fried foods. One should avoid the intake of coffee, tea, yogurt, cocoa, white sugar, and alcohol.

The patient should also not have a habit of sleeping in the morning and should not have a habit of smoking. Many mental conditions like anxiety, stress, fear m grief, etc., can also lead to arthritis in women.