Surprising Things That Are Ruining Your Oral Health

Oral Health

There are plenty of things out there that are bad for your teeth. You could know most of those things, but you could also be doing certain things that can be bad for your teeth. There are a bunch of surprising habits that might seem completely normal for you. But that can actually harm your teeth. Here’s a list of the most surprising things that can be dangerous to your oral health.

Bottled Water

You often believe that drinking tap water is not hygienic and good as bottled water. This myth is responsible for most of the dental problems. Drinking bottled water prevents you from the use of natural fluoride, which is found in the tap water for about 60%. Fluoride highly benefits your oral health. Substitute bottled water with tap water, which is rich in fluoride.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks are the first thing that many people reach out for after a tiring day or a big workout. A common myth prevails among the people that it will help you restore all the vitamins, minerals, and hydration. But actually sports drinks contain a lot of sugar and acids that can ruin your oral health.

Brushing Right After Eating

You could have heard that it is a good habit to brush after every meal. That’s true, but do not follow it so literally. If you have food that contains a lot of acids and you brush your teeth right after your meal, then there are more chances of the acid eroding your teeth. You should leave at least an hour gap after your meal to brush your teeth. You can better gargle your mouth with water after your meal to remove the acids from your mouth.

Improper Brushing Technique

Improper brushing technique can actually be harmful to your teeth. The best way to brush your teeth is in gentle circles to avoid much damage to the enamel. Brushing side to side will impose a lot of pressure on the teeth and leads to scratched enamel and tooth decay. Over-brushing your teeth can also be a negative habit as it can start to wear down the enamel.

Lemonade And Other Citrus Foods

Cavities are more responsive to foods that are a rich source of sugar and acidity. Sugar leads way to bacteria while acid eats away the enamel. Thus, the chance for decay increases with the intake of lemonade. Too much intake of citrus foods can cause great trouble for your oral health. They wear away the enamel and cause irritation in the mouth sores. However, you can take citrus foods or lemonade without sugar to decrease the danger.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, can cause great risk to your teeth as well as the jaw. It occurs most often while sleeping. Consult with your dentist to get a fitted mouthguard to protect your teeth.

Dry Mouth

Saliva not only helps indigestion, but it also helps in maintaining oral health. It cleanses the teeth and prevents tooth decay and other dental problems. Certain illnesses and medications can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth can lead to higher chances of cavity formation. So, if you’re experiencing dry mouth consult your dentist and explain your condition.

Chewable Vitamins

Chewable vitamins contain oligosaccharides that help in bacteria formation. The chewable vitamins also have a sticky texture that can stick to the teeth for a long time and promote cavity formation. It is better to avoid chewable vitamins and take your vitamins in the form of a pill.

If you have any of these habits, put an effective action plan in place to help prevent teeth problems, and protect your oral health. Most importantly, be sure to have a consultation scheduled twice a year with a professional dentist.