Are Caribbean Med Schools Worth It?

caribbean medical schools
caribbean medical schools

Choosing the right medical school becomes important for a student who is nurturing dreams of becoming a physician. While med schools in the U.S.A have always been popular among medical aspirants, getting into one is easier said than done.

Getting admission into a U.S. medical school is not easy as they receive numerous applications from around the world. As a result, they are forced to turn down many capable students. Though, this rejection should not be a damper on your professional aspirations as you can instead turn towards Caribbean medical schools.

Now don’t confuse them for being a second-best option as the Caribbean schools offer just about everything that U.S. med schools do but at better prices. Check out this to know about Caribbean medical school¬†and how they can assist you in becoming a professional physician.

Study in Caribbean med school

The Caribbean is well known globally for the picturesque setting it offers to tourists but the Islands also offer valuable education that can help you professionally establish yourself in the medical field.

Getting into Medical schools in the Caribbean is also easier as compared to U.S. med schools who only accept average GPA and MCAT of 3.6 and 3.1 respectively. This resulted in 57% of applicants not getting accepted in 2012.

Caribbean med schools offer accredited courses to students that have a rich curriculum and play a fundamental role in making them proficient in their career path. There are many other reasons that contribute to their popularity and make them a viable option for future physicians. For example, did you know that Caribbean med schools opt for smaller class size to bring individual attention to each student?

Not only does this allow students to address their concerns from the syllabus but also gives the teacher the benefit to follow on the progress of every single individual in the classroom.

Why chose Caribbean school?

There are numerous reasons that would surely convince you to opt for Caribbean med school to commence your journey in the medical field. Some of those factors are:

  • Clinical rotation- One of the best parts about studying in the Caribbean is that students get to be a part of clinical rotation in the 3rd and 4th years which means they get the chance to undergo global training in the U.S. and various other countries. Clinical rotation in the U.S. can be extremely beneficial to your career especially when you are applying for residency in the country.
  • Flexible admission timings- You can apply in a Caribbean school throughout the year making it easier to start your medical career at the earliest.
  • No language barrier- Also if you are worried about the language barrier then you can put your concerns to rest. The Caribbean med school uses English as the medium of instruction making it easier for foreign students to study.

The overall environment of the Caribbean and the friendly atmosphere of the place makes it a very conducive place for students to study. Currently, numerous students are enrolled in med schools here giving the place an added dose of diversity. You too can join them by opting for a brilliant medical program from a reputed school.