Am I Pretty?


Am I Pretty? How Pretty Am I?

When you were a little girl, you felt like a pretty princess. It didn’t matter what you wore, how long your hair was, what colour your eyes were or what size your nose was- you felt pretty simply because of the feeling inside of you.

How Pretty Am I

Maybe you can give credit to your parents. They may have told you how pretty you are or how cute you looked. This positive affirmation helps and continues to boost your self-esteem as you enter your teenage years, but it didn’t always matter. When you danced around the house playing dress-up or in your favourite purple stretchy pants and orange t-shirt, you felt beautiful from the inside out.

Am I Beautiful?

As you grew, you may have started to compare yourself with others you met at school. You wondered if you were as pretty as the girls with the perfect hair and the designer jeans. If you had curly hair, you envied those who had straight hair. If your hair was ironing board straight, you thought the girls with curly locks were beautiful.

This comparison is natural as you meet people in different situations, but it shouldn’t affect how you feel about yourself. Nor would you want your appearance to make anyone else feel bad about herself.

The teenage years are a dramatic time of change and growth. Plus, teenagers experience their growth spurts at different ages. You often see eight grade girls who look like fifth graders and those who look as if they are sixteen years old.

This time of change can also affect your self-image, especially if you are at the extremes of slow or quick to develop. You may not feel that you fit in or meet the ideally beautiful image.

The old saying “Beauty is only skin deep” may also have you challenging how you feel about yourself. This saying does not mean that a person is only as beautiful as she looks on the outside. Instead, it says that a beautiful-looking person may be horrid and mean on the inside.

How Attractive Am I?

You are beautiful. You are pretty. You are cute. You are attractive.  All your pieces have been arranged specially to make you the unique woman that you are. If Who connected your pieces any differently, you wouldn’t be you. You have been given the look you need to fulfil your life’s purpose.

If you ask the question- “Am I Pretty?” the answer is yes, but you need help boost your self-image.

How to Become Pretty

You want to look your best.  Your best means accepting the way you are put together. You cannot change your body’s shape or the shape of your face, but you can wear clothing that flatters your body type.

Different hair colours may bring out your skin tone, but they cannot make you pretty. The same is true for coloured contacts. The contacts change the colour of your iris but not the shape of your eye or the sparkle you get when something makes you happy.

Feeling pretty starts with an honest look at you and the things you like and don’t like. For example, ask yourself these questions, taken from the book “ The Ultimate Girl’s Guide Journal to Feeling Confident, Pretty and Happy ”:

  • What do you like most about your body?
  • What do you like least about your body?
  • What changes have occurred in your body over the past year?
  • What types of clothes are most flattering on you?
  • What types of clothes are least flattering on you?
  • Where do you tend to gain weight?
  • What shape is your body? Are you a rectangle in which your chest, waist and hips are the exact sizes? Are you an apple in which your chest is more significant than your waist and hips? Are you a pear in which your hips are more prominent than your waist and chest? Are you an hourglass in which your chest and hips are similar in size, and your waist is smaller?

These questions help you understand your body. If you know what body type you are, you can adjust your exercise routine and clothing choices to most flatter you and help you feel even more beautiful and accepting of your pretty self.

How to Look Prettier

Less is sometimes more, according to Stacy London, the host of TLC’s Love, Lust or Run.  Stacy suggests not covering up your beautiful face  with layers of make-up. Often, too much make-up makes you look less attractive, plus people can’t see the real you. Instead, consider wearing less make-up or choosing neutral, almost bare colours to bring out the natural look of your eyes and lips.

Answer these questions to help you with your make-up choices and determine whether you have warm or cool skin tones:

  • Do you turn pink/red or tan from the sun? Pink/red, you are calm and should choose a foundation or concealer that has pink undertones. Tan, you are warm and should choose foundation make-up with yellow undertones.
  • Does silver or gold jewellery flatter you better? Silver, you are calm and should choose eye shadow in jewelled tones such as blue, purple, magenta and silver. Gold, you are warm, and eye shadow in earth tones such as moss, brown, gold and orange are most flattering.
  • Do you look sallow and blotchy or sunny and pretty in yellow clothing? Sallow, you are calm and should choose jet-black mascara. Sunny, you are warm, and your eyes are most accentuated with brownish-black mascara.
  • Do the veins on the underside of your wrist look blue or green? Blue, you are relaxed, and your lipstick choices are ruby-red or bright pink. Green, you are warm, and lipsticks that have gold or copper in them are most flattering.

Make-up cannot make you pretty, but it can accentuate your features.  It is also helpful for covering blemishes or dark circles. But these concerns should be addressed by a healthy diet and healthy sleeping habits.

Am I Pretty Quiz?

Any quiz that tests how pretty you are, should give you the same answer regardless of how you answer the questions. Remember- You Are Pretty!

This quiz asks you the colour of your eyes, the length and colour of your hair, the fullness of your lips, your height, etc. The point of the quiz is to teach you that all combinations of a woman are beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are blonde with blue eyes or red-haired with brown eyes- all women are pretty.

From Inside

The first impression people have of you is a superficial, physical appearance based impression, unfortunately. That is difficult to avoid, and you are probably guilty of judging others the same way. However, after the first few minutes of a conversation with someone, you begin to see them in a new light.

Their physical appearance fades into the background as you uncover the true beauty of a person. The same thing happens when someone meets you.

You could meet the most handsome, perfect man, but he is disrespectful, hostile or rude when he speaks. But, then, it doesn’t matter what his outside appearance is. He becomes ugly to you. The reverse is true as well.

If you meet an average-looking man who is incredibly kind, treats you with respect and is positive, you will think he is the most attractive man on earth. The same is true when people meet you. If you fit the stereotypical idea of a beautiful woman but do not have the inside qualities to match, you are not beautiful.

Forget the images you see in magazines and on television. Most of those images are airbrushed and not attainable. Instead, see yourself as the entire package. Remember that little girl who used to dance and twirl in the kitchen because she felt beautiful.

Do not rely on anyone else to boost the way you feel about yourself. You are pretty. You are beautiful. All because you are a unique creation and one of a kind.

Keep that sparkle in your eyes and a smile on your face, and let the world see your beauty shine.

I'm Johan, a Freelance Content Creator & Content Writer from Bath, helping brands and businesses connect with their ideal clients.

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