These are All the Important Styles of Yoga to Be Existed Till Date

styles of yoga

If you are still trying to wrap your head around the concept of yoga, you must have been even more confused by all the different types of yoga which exist in this era, while trying to figure out the style you want to learn and adapt. But worry no more, I am going to list all the yoga styles so that you have a better understanding of all the different styles which persist in yoga.

Anusara styles of yoga


This style of yoga is comparatively a new style of yoga which was introduced in the year 1990 by John Friend. The Anusara style of yoga is nothing but a modern version of Hatha Yoga. We will read ahead what a Hatha yoga is, but in Anusara yoga, the poses are the same but with slight variation pertaining to different individuals, as every individual is a different body structure and a classic pose may do them some bad instead of doing them some good.

Ashtanga styles of yoga

AshtangaThe Ashtanga style of yoga has a very detailed yoga structure. The style is divided into 3 series, the primary series, secondary series, and third series. You can level up to the next series as you make some progress and complete each series. Similar to power yoga, the Ashtanga yoga too, is fast-paced and is very good as a cardio replacement.

Bikram styles of yoga

BikramThis style of yoga is also called hot yoga because the poses performed in the Bikram yoga are performed in a heated room. So, a sauna-like environment is created. This is very beneficial for you if you want to lose some fat and tone up your body.

Hatha styles of yoga

HathaOne of the most classical styles of yoga is Hatha yoga. This style of yoga is the most detailed yoga style, as it covers almost all the poses and styles in a particular quantity. 80% of people who perform yoga, perform Hatha yoga because it is the purest form of yoga (no matter what other people say) in which controlled breathing is taught along with the different postures.

Iyengar styles of yoga

IyengarThe name of this style of yoga is named after its founder B.K.S Iyengar. This style of yoga is practiced with the help of different types of props like harness, straps, blocks, and bands, making the name “furniture yoga” famous in the yoga community. One of the drawbacks of this yoga is that you have to perform the position with perfection, even if you do it by any means.

Jivamukti styles of yoga

JivamuktiThe word Jivamukti is a Sanskrit word, which translates to “liberation while living” in English. People accomplish this moto by doing some of the most intense yoga poses while doing some Sanskrit chants. This style was introduced in 1984 by Sharon Gannon and David Life.

Kripalu styles of yoga

KripaluKripalu is also known to be a self-teaching style because you have performed the yoga pose and then depending on your body structure you would yourself understand which would be the perfect position for you. This position also teaches you to be patient, which it does through its 3 section course.

Kundalini styles of yoga

KundaliniThis is where your Karate knowledge would be needed. No, I’m just kidding. The Kundalini knowledge states that your body has the serpent’s energy which rests within your spine and can be released by performing these postures. This makes your body very agile and flexible.

Sivananda styles of yoga

SivanandaThis yoga style does not require you to be moving too much and is popular among older people. The Sivananda style mixes well with the meditation regiment also. This style has five basic elements that you need to focus on including proper breathing, diet, relaxation, exercise, and positive thinking.

Viniyoga styles of yoga

ViniyogaThe Viniyoga is more of an advanced type yoga because to enter the category of Viniyoga, you have to first be a master in certain kinds of a yoga pose, then you can create a new version of that yoga pose, in order to be a master yogi. The PNF is also included in Viniyoga, which is a kind of warm-up session to minimize the risk of an injury.

Vinyasa / Power Yoga styles of yoga

Vinyasa / Power YogaVinyasa yoga which is popularly known as Power yoga is a speed yoga that includes postures from the Ashtanga yoga to be practiced in a flow. Power yoga is an appealing kind of yoga for western people, as it includes a lot of intense movements that can give you the same satisfaction while doing an aerobics class. Although the poses may differ from the place you are training, some principal exercises will most likely be there. I learned all this during my yoga teacher training in India.