Advanced Kegel Exercises


Advanced Kegel exercises are intended for those already doing their basic daily version of the exercise and help tighten the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles that form the pelvic floor.

There are duo key forms of advanced Kegel exercises, namely one type that varies the pace at which the exercise is performed, and the other form varies the body positions. These duo forms of advanced Kegel exercises could be merged when comfort levels have been attained after carrying them out on a regular basis.

Kegel Exercises for man

Tempo Kegel Exercises

Quick and dawdled

The pace of the reps could be changed to increase the difficulty levels. One could commence with five swift repetitions followed by ten-second or five-seconds lasting repeat followed by ten quick repetitions. The most challenging part would be performing the slack-swift-slack moves quickly.

Alternating Swift Squeezes/gradual releases

As there are duo acts involved, namely squeezing and releasing, one would have duo speeds in a single rep of Kegel. A 5-second lasting constriction is to be done, then releasing it in one second. Breathing and cadence have to be maintained while doing this exercise.

Single pause Squeezes

One needs to do the squeeze, pausing for one second a number of times. One could also break while relaxing.

Kegel Exercise Positioning

Half Squats

One has to be seated on the legs and knees on the ground. Gradually standing up on the knees and squeezing at the analogous instant. Lowering the body back towards the leg and relaxing.

Complete Squats

  • One has to be seated on the feet, mimicking being seated on a stool.
  • Now standing up at a gradual pace as one squeezes.
  • Relaxing and then sitting.
  • In case one has issues while performing squats, the back could be rested touching a barrier or partition (wall).


  • Standing in a manner that both hands and feet touch the ground and resembling a cat pose.
  • Lowering the upper portion of the body till the abdominal area braces the floor.
  • This could be done with legs placed near one another or apart.

Missionary Position

  • Lying down on the back over a mattress.
  • Raising the leg and bending the knee till the portion forms a ninety-degree inclination to the ground and the thigh.

Handy Tips

  • Avoid squeezing other muscles and relaxing muscles of the anus and abdomen during the exercises.
  • Slow and deep breathing is the key. Inhaling while one squeezes and exhaling when one relaxes. At times headache could result due to the chest being tensed and breath withheld.
  • Placing a hand on the abdominal area and sensing for any movement. Any movement sensed is a sign of abdominal muscle being used. It is essential to isolate and use the vaginal muscles solely.
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