Abs Diet for Women

Abs Diet for Women

The abs diet for women has been devised for revving up consumption of proteins as it is believed that our bodies consume more excellent fuel when assimilating them. Hence, when dietetic consumption of such foods increases, additional calorie melting would occur simply for digestion purposes, mainly as our bodies use ten to thirty percent of the total calorific consumption on assimilation itself.

The abs diet for women is quintessentially twelve main foods, which are abbreviated as:


A – Almond, other nut varieties


Nut varieties help in combating obesity, cardiovascular conditions & cancers—protein presence in nut forms aid in building leaner muscle. As muscle exhumes fuel, more powers one has would aid in burning additional calories daily. Almond intake permits snacking minus the addition of considerable weight.

Scientists deem that almond has a constituent that aids in blocking some extent of their fat from being absorbed. Additionally, eating almonds even seems to be squelching craving & averts binge-eating at other instances during the day.

B – Bean, Legume

The fiber-rich presence in beans additionally helps in regulating assimilation in your GI tract. Fiber even tends to bind onto intestinal bile acid & aids in its secretion. As bile partially has cholesterol hence intake of a fiber-rich dietetic intake is a means of lowering cholesterol.

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Bean is a vegan protein source with the absence of saturated fats. Try always opting for the following types of bean along with lentil for providing fiber & regulating assimilation:

  • Pinto
  • Garbanzo
  • Black
  • Navy

In case one feels bloated, then they could be eaten alongside a digestive enzyme.

S – Spinach

Spinach & several leafy greens are a rich antioxidant & phytonutrient source that aid in neutralizing oxygen free radicals, which have been established to speed up aging & being carcinogenic. Coumadin users must consult their doctor before augmenting leafy greens’ consumption as vitamin K presence in some of these could annul the effect of some blood thinners & increasing one’s susceptibility to blood clot formations. Otherwise, cupfuls of such green veggies could be eaten without worrying about the calorie load, making it an ideal food to slim down the tummy.

Milk Items

Augmenting your consumption of non-fat or less-fat milk, curds & cheeses would help build bone strength & density, which could even help prevent bone thinning. It is particularly pertinent to females, as they have a greater susceptibility to it.

Instant Rolled Oats

Instant Rolled Oats

A whole-grain that proffer myriad health advantages due to rich fiber presence could lower cholesterol and help in blood glucose level regulation among people with diabetes. Rolled oats would additionally lower one’s risk for cardiovascular ailment.

Eating it proffers a sense of fullness for more time and always opting for plain varieties rather than those with included sugars (being watchful about phrases like dextrose, cane juice, sugar, or maple sugar).



The white portion of the egg is laden with protein that aids in building lean muscle & even boosting metabolism that tackles obesity. Many from the body-building fraternity consume egg white during breakfasts daily.


Turkeys, alongside several lean meat forms, offer additional body proteins, boosts metabolism & weight reduction. Pale meat varieties even possess lesser fatty contents hence are favored as compared to usual turkey meat. Therefore, opting for turkey breasts alongside de-skinned chicken, lean cuts of beef, fishes, bison to promote muscle-building & strengthening the immune system.

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

The healthful fats plus protein-laden presence in peanut butter would help curb craving (since fat would be taking more time in digesting & feeling full for longer), increasing metabolism & promote muscle-building. The omega-3s presence in it also helps in preventing heart disease.

It is an identified fact that when consumption of fats is lowered under twenty percent of calorific worth every day, one tends to feel more famished sooner.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

It deploys olive oil as a substitute for butter, vegetable oils & shortenings to cook foods & in salad dressing somewhat soured cream. Olive oil intake would boost consumption of omega-3s that aid in lowering cholesterol. It is an unsaturated fat source that helps in abdominal shrinkage when deployed instead of saturated fats.

Whole –Grain Cereal & Bread

Opting for whole-grain variety in bread & cereal would thwart the body from accruing excessive fats as dietetic consumption would be much lesser. It even aids in preventing cardiovascular ailment & lowering cholesterol.

Extra Proteins

Whey protein powder is an uncomplicated means of increasing the consumption of proteins. Zinczenko is one example of this, which is believed to be an ideal combo of essential amino acids that enhance maintaining & development of lean muscles. It even proffers a sense of fullness & revs up metabolism to some extent. It is an ideal addition to your shake or smoothie or stirred in oatmeal or baking with whey.



Raspberry alongside several berry varieties could pacify a sweet yearning while not piling on additional sugar or excess calories – thus shriveling the tummy. The elevated antioxidant presence even combats ailment-causal free radical presence in the body.