8 Ways to Love Yourself

ways to love yourself
ways to love yourself

Self-love isn’t some abstract, indulgent thing. It’s healthy, and you should be loving yourself right this moment. It’s not about spending lots of money on opulent gifts for yourself—it’s about taking good care of you. Whether it’s brewing a pot of tea, heading to the movies solo, or letting yourself linger on the sofa with a great book, self-love is necessary.

From time to time, we all get a little run down. Take a moment to review our list of eight ways to love yourself some love right now!

1. List what you love about yourself

Grab a pen and write down the things you truly love about yourself. You don’t have to share this with anyone else; just do it and see what comes out. Block out any negative thoughts or remnants of hurtful things others have said to you. For example, maybe you love your dimples, penmanship, or the way you make a mean cup of coffee. Lists help to bring clarity, so give it a go.

2. Create balance

We all want to tackle our “to-do list, but it’s okay to go to bed without having gotten to it all. Pushing ourselves too hard day in and day out creates anxiety and causes health issues. Find time to sit quietly every day, meditate, pray, or take a catnap. Everybody needs a little downtime.

3. Hang with loving people

At your job, there may be individuals who aren’t easy to be around but with whom you must interact. Sometimes there are even toxic people in your family or social circle. Seek out the company of those who truly lift your spirits, make you laugh, laugh at your jokes, and listen when you need to vent. Cut out abusive, angry, and insensitive people; it’s just not worth wasting your precious life around them.

4. Spend time alone

Cut it out with the FOMO, already. When was the last time you hung out solo on a Saturday night? I love spending time alone—just this week I sat near the ocean, meditated, then took myself out for a big bowl of pasta. Get to know yourself, and allocate one night a week to unplugging, going within, and getting away from everyone else. If they’re worth having in your life, they’ll be there waiting the next day!

5. Read a new book

Have you been pondering a particular read? Has it been ages since you last read something for pleasure, not research? Grab your library card or hit a bookstore, and take your time perusing the aisles for a new book or two.

6. Spend more time outdoors

Get outside! My mom would send my brother and me outdoors for at least a little bit of time every day (no doubt she needed time to herself!). Honestly, fresh air and sun do the body, mind, and spirit good. Hike a new trail, or rent a bike and explore parts of your city that you are yet to visit. Alternatively, walk along the water’s edge or find a spot for a picnic and make one just for you!

7. Get some perspective

Who cares about some wrinkles, a few extra pounds, or some grays? Stop letting magazines and television put dark thoughts in your head. Take care of yourself, eat a healthy, balanced diet, exercise regularly, maintain social activity and you will shine from within. The healthiest people I know are not models, dancers, or actors—they’re just people living their lives, enjoying themselves, loving their friends, and spreading good vibes.

8. Leave the past in the past

This is a huge one. Stop dwelling on past mistakes and transgressions. It’s all okay, and it’s time to move on. Focus on vibrating on a high frequency, helping those around you, and taking time to develop yourself. Try saying aloud “I release you” whenever a sad or infuriating thought from back in the day pops up.