The 8 Hour Diet: How It Works And What It Offers For Ideal Weight Loss

The 8 hour diet is an extremely popular weight loss plan which is designed by David Zinczenko, the author of the well-known and best-selling book, Eat This Not That.

8 Hour Diet

Many people are struggling with extra pounds and weight problems and nowadays the number of people is getting bigger and bigger due to our fast lifestyle and little time to prepare healthy meals.

However, whenever the summer is approaching, the desire to be fit and slim is getting bigger and bigger by the day, however our working schedules remain the same. This is the moment when the real struggle begins. How can we stay healthy and slim, but at the same time keep up with our working schedule and have enough energy to make it through the day?

Picking up a proper diet or program is the hardest thing for us all. In order for a diet to be functional and effective, every person must know their body well enough so they can accommodate to the diet. Starving and rigorous diets won’t lead us anywhere because as we all know it, consuming enough calories throughout the day is crucial for the body to function properly and normally.

When people go on a specific diet, the limitation and cutting down on their favorite food is what they find the most difficult. However, there are so many diets nowadays which allow consuming any type of food we like, plus they guarantee success at the end of the process. Sounds as the perfect diet to me, right?

Introducing the 8 Hour Diet

The 8 hour diet is an extremely popular weight loss plan which is designed by David Zinczenko, the author of the well-known and best-selling book, Eat This Not That. The name of this diet has our full attention, however many choose to dismiss the fact that such diet plan can be truly effective.

David himself lost some weight with this weight-loss plan and he also promises his readers that anyone who will choose his 8 hour plan of eating and 16-hour of fasting, will genuinely lose 20 to 60 pounds.

Another interesting and as we may say, shocking fact about the 8 hour diet is that you can eat whenever you think suitable for you and your working schedule as well as whatever you want, no limitations about the type of food.

The crucial moment is to consume all of the calories during the eight-hour window, meaning that every person can choose their own window or an eight-hour period during the day when you can consume calories each day. David himself admitted losing 7 pounds by sticking to his weight loss plan and even though his concept isn’t something innovative, people still choose to give it a try and see it for themselves.

How does the 8 Hour Diet Work?

This diet functions in a way that includes dividing a person’s day into two periods, the 8 hour period and the 16-hour period. The 8 hour period is the period of the day when you consume all the food you want, whereas the 16-hour period is the period when the body is fasting or digesting the food consumed throughout the 8- hour period. According to this diet, our bodies are designed in this way and the 16- hour period serves for resting our body.

The 8 Hour Window

The great thing about this diet is that every person can choose their own 8 hour window. For instance, your 8 hour food window can be from 9 am to 5 pm or from 11 am till 7 pm, of course this is determined by the dieter and it’s flexible according to the needs of the person and his daily schedule.

So, this 8 hour window is the eating period and during this period, a person can and should eat, because once this 8 hour period is over, there’s no more food consuming. The period can be changed and adjusted according to our needs and every dieter should eat by this plan for at least 3 days per week at the beginning and ultimately increase up until 7 days a week.

The 8 hour window can also be changed every day, and if you start with 9 am to 5 pm, that doesn’t mean that you can’t change it the next day to 11 am till 7 pm. As you can see, the 8 hour diet is quite flexible and suitable for any working schedule.

Regarding the food, David advises not to exaggerate with the portions as well as the type of food. Eating healthy food during the 8 hour window is the best option, however if you cheat sometimes with some type of prohibited food, is not considered as the worst thing ever. The only limitation or prohibition that you may find in this diet, is the prohibition for sugary drinks.

Planning your meals within the 8 hour window

David recommends postponing the breakfast until the 8 hour window starts. So, he states that drinking a cup of tea or coffee for starters will be a great way to go, especially if you 8 hour window starts a bit later in the day. Water is also unlimited in this diet and we all know that a glass of water can kill our cravings or hunger.

Another wise advice from David is not to neglect the light exercises and stretching up before the 8 hour window. It will be a great boost for our body and a great preparation for the 8 hour food window.

Choosing the perfect food for you

It’s true that everything is allowed in this diet, minus the sugary drinks, however according to the book, healthy food will only increase the effectiveness of this diet, unlike processed and refined food, which will only slower our process of losing weight.

Snacking is also allowed, however the portion size should also be considered in this case. The book itself gives us suggestion about how to make the best choice when it comes to food and here’s an example of that:

Before Breakfast

-Coffee, tea or water


-Oatmeal with blueberries and maple syrup
-Tea, coffee or water
-One granola bar


-2 slices of pizza
-1 8oz bag of potato chips
-1 apple


-1 fudge brownie


-Grilled Salmon Steak
-Baked sweet potato w/butter
-1 cup of broccoli
-½ cup ice cream

The power of Exercising

In order for the fat burning process to begin, exercises are crucial. So, according to David and according to his book, only eight minutes per day are enough to give boost to your body and for the fat burning process to begin and the great thing about the book is that it provides suggestions about which exercises work best with this diet.

The advantages of the 8 Hour Diet

-The diet limits your eating period during the day and therefore it can be helpful in lowering the calorie intake per day. This limitation allows the body to lose weight.

-The 8 hour food window is a great way to prevent overeating during the day and many nutritionists emphasize the importance of consuming the food during the day and stop the eating after 6. Many people find this plan a great way to lose weight.

-During the 16-hour fasting period, our body has plenty of time to digest the food as well as rest our digestive system.

-This diet provides the one thing that one person can find difficult in a diet. Eating whenever you want and whatever you want. So, you don’t need to stress your organism with cutting down on everything that is wrong, but instead you need to focus on what’s working for you and your body.

-If you make yourself a great, working eating plan and reduce the unhealthy calorie intake, this diet can do wonders for you and your body. Just remember that portions matter and drinking calories, such as sugary drinks is something which is off the limits.

The disadvantages of the 8 Hour Diet

  • Sometimes, in order to succeed in something, we need the limitations and the rules. Maybe this type of diet can’t provide that for us, because the authors of the book don’t want to put restrictions on the type of food, nor make any limitations. They normally support healthy eating and balanced meals, but they don’t force them.
  • You need to make your own limitation. You can’t continue eating junk food, processed food or too much sugar and have amazing results. Balanced diet is the key to success, except the authors don’t seem to stress it enough.
  • This diet might be difficult for those who are accustomed to midnight snacks. Consider the 16-hour period that follows your 8-hour window, which begins at 8 a.m. It might be tough to stay hungry from 4 p.m. till bedtime.
  • Breakfast is the most important meal in the day, however with this weight loss plan, the authors choose to postpone breakfast until the start of the 8 hour window.
  • If you start this diet with three days per week and gradually increase the days, we can’t expect to be effective within the first month. Why didn’t the authors suggest following it 5 or 6 days per week?
  • The 8 hour diet is not something that is new to us or brought to our attention for the very first time. Intermittent fasting is something which has been introduced previously and with this diet, it is only confirmed that it may actually work. You can’t guarantee for sure that this type of diet will be effective in all cases.
  • This diet is not recommended for people with unstable blood sugar.

Being on a diet can be a challenge for most of us and maybe the authors of the book decided to ditch the rules and limitations in order to make it easier for us. However, the bottom line is that every body is different, you can’t expect to be effective on you, just because it was effective on other people. It’s worth a try and feel free to comment your results and your experience from the 8 hour diet.