7 Amazing Exercises for Toning Your Legs

7 Amazing Exercises for Toning Your Legs

With the right amount of persistence and dedication, getting the toned legs you want is easily within your grasp. The most important thing to remember is that the key to toning any part of your body is to start with your diet. If you focus on eating well, then your body will much more readily respond to toning and exercise. There are many great exercises to choose from if you are specifically looking to tone your legs. Here are just a few that you may want to consider:

1. Running


Running is one of the most basic exercises that you can do in order to get into shape and work those leg muscles. It engages all of the main muscle groups in your legs and kicks your cardiovascular system into gear as well, resulting in better overall health and fitness.

2. Light jogging or walking

Light jogging or walking

Maybe running isn’t really for you, or maybe you are suffering from injuries or arthritis and the impact caused by running may be too much for your muscles and joints. In this case, you should consider taking up some light jogging or walking instead. It may not get your heart rate up as much as running would, but you will still be burning calories and targeting many of the same muscles.

3. Cycling


Cycling is another fantastic exercise, particularly if you are looking for something low impact. This is the exercise you want to choose if you want to target your thighs. You should definitely consider cycling if you live close to biking trails, but you can also opt to go with a stationary bike at home or at the gym as well.

4. Squats


For an exercise that will target your glutes and your quads at the same time, there is probably nothing better than squats. However, you need to make sure that you do your squats correctly. Standing with your feet about shoulder width apart, you need to bend your knees but make sure that you are carrying your weight on your thighs and butt. If done correctly, you should feel very little pressure on your knees.

5. Lunges


If you have the space for them, then lunges are a great exercise for working your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. Starting with your legs together, you need to step forward with one leg, bending it 90 degrees at the knee and trying to keep your back straight. Bring your leg back after a few seconds and repeat with your other one. Alternatively, if you have space, you could do walking lunges. In this case, instead of bringing your leading leg back, just bring your other leg forward, straighten both out, and then lunge forward again.

6. Heel lifts

Heel lifts

Heel lifts are one of the best ways to target the muscles in your lower legs, such as your calves and ankles, and they are very easy to do as well. Sitting in a chair with both feet flat on the floor, simply lift up one of your feet so that only your toes continue to touch the ground. Hold it that way for a few seconds or for a count of 5, and then bring it back down to the floor, repeating for your other foot.

7. Step-ups


Finally, doing step-ups is a great way to emulate walking while standing in place. It is the perfect exercise to do while watching your favorite television program or movie. You can buy an exercise bench for this purpose, but any short, raised platform that you may have lying around your home would work just as well. This very simple exercise is great at working your glutes and quads.