5 Things Every Coffee Lover Should Own

Coffee Lover
Coffee Lover

Honestly, there are only a few things in life better than a steaming cup of coffee in the morning; that’s why this magical potion is one of the most popular drinks in the world, right after water and tea! Naturally, with such a big audience, there are multitudes of ways you can prepare a quality cup of coffee, but some things stay the same, no matter where you live and what taste in the coffee you have. Here are five things every coffee aficionado needs to own.

A good ole’ kettle

In case you prefer coffee that comes from a pour-over device (check out Chemex or Kalita Wave), you need a good kettle. The models that provide you with the best control over the direction and flow-concentration are definitely gooseneck kettles with long and curved spouts. This kettle will allow you to pour water over your grounds in a controlled, circular fashion. This little pro tip will ensure more water passes through your coffee than it would if you just dumped some water uncontrollably on your grounds. It really makes a difference when it comes to the taste of your java.

An airtight goodie bag

If you leave your roasted beans exposed to air, they will oxidize and lose a lot of the aroma, oils, and acids that give coffee its recognizable taste. So, don’t let your coffee go stale, but keep it in airtight coffee bags. These little baggies have a degassing valve that will allow you to safely squeeze out all the excess air and let none of the oxygen back inside, resulting in fresh and aromatic coffee. On the other hand, if you want to be a bit more sustainable, make sure to invest in an airtight container that will do a great job of keeping your beans fresh. However, when all else fails, 32-ounce Mason jars cost $2 apiece, are very pretty, and are known to keep your coffee well-protected, especially if you keep them in a dark place.

A trusted coffee machine

There’s no good coffee without a good coffee machine, so don’t be scared to invest in your coffee-rich future! Today, there are so many machines that will surprise you with a nice cup of joe, but your safest choice is probably a Nespresso brewing machine. These bad boys can give you different cup sizes and hundreds of different flavors of coffee! Nespresso machines use a new brewing technology called Centrifusion that extracts all the best things from your pod resulting in a perfect cup of java every time.

Pro tip: make sure to stock up on Bailey’s chocolate pods that will really make your day. They are perfect for cold winter evenings and hot summer afternoons (they can even be extracted over ice and enriched with cold milk).

Milk Frother

If you love a good cup of cappuccino or want to elevate your coffee drinks to a whole new level, you’ll need a milk frother! For splendid milk foam that comes with a very affordable price tag, your best choice is a manual frother. These little gadgets cost about $20 and give you thick and creamy milk foam. However, there’s no electricity involved, so you’ll have to put in some elbow grease, but if you love an old-school cup of coffee drink, this shouldn’t bother you a lot! If you don’t have time to froth manually, there are great electric frothers on the market. Some (such as Nespresso Aeroccino4) can even make both hot and cold milk foam and heat your milk!

A high-tech cup

If you’re very specific about your coffee temperature, don’t worry! Technology is here to help you by introducing the Ember Travel Mug. This little piece of art is the result of long and hard laboring that mixes amazing technology, great design, and ultimate ergonomics. Ember will keep your coffee at the same temperature all day long, no matter how long your commute is or how slow you like to enjoy your drink. Using a high-capacity battery and insulation worthy of a space rocket, this high-tech cup will ensure you have the best coffee-drinking experience. It also fits perfectly in your car’s cup holder and has a very pleasant rim that allows very natural drinking.

These five gadgets will definitely improve your coffee-drinking experience and give you a quality cup of joe every morning to prepare you for your day!