5 Hair Vitamins For Thick And Strong Hair

hair vitamins
hair vitamins

From the past few months, I have been experiencing severe hair fall. At first, I thought, it is the changing weather but the situation has persisted for months. Yesterday, I ran my fingers through my upper neck hair and felt a patch. It is not exactly a bald patch, but the hair density is extremely low. What can I do, I wondered.

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It is believed that by the age of 50, approximately half of the male population experiences hair loss. A quarter of women also experience the same. Hair fall is a major issue for people of all ages, which is also the reason why the hair care industry is always finding new ways to push hair growth products in the market. However, what works best for strong and healthy hair are natural products such as hair vitamins.

For having strong, thick, and healthy hair vitamins, striking a balance between a nutritious diet and proper hair care is required.

Here are five hair vitamins that can enhance and promote hair growth.

1. B-Complex Hair Vitamins


Niacin is another type of hair vitamins that promotes hair growth. Just as biotin helps in metabolizing amino acids, niacin enables the metabolization of carbohydrates and sugar. It stimulates DNA repair and thus results in healthy hair follicles. This, in turn, assists in reducing hair damage and hair fall.


Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H, is the most effective hair vitamins for hair growth. The supplement helps metabolize amino acids and fatty acids. Our hair structure contains keratin, which is a type of protein. Biotin assists in metabolizing amino acids, which, in turn, helps in the formation of proteins. This function of biotin enables it to promote shiny and healthy hair vitamins.

2. Vitamin C

One of the many reasons for hair fall and damaged hair is iron deficiency. Vitamin C is a supplement that enables our body to absorb iron. Once the iron content in the blood is increased, our body can recover from this deficiency. Along with this, Vitamin C is also an essential element for collagen production in the body. This collagen is an ingredient found in our hair structure. Both these functions by Vitamin C make it an important supplement for healthy hair.

3. Vitamin D

People who suffer from circular bald patches, also referred to as alopecia areata, are known to have a deficiency of Vitamin D. The easiest source of Vitamin D is sunlight and with just 10 to 15 minutes of sun exposure, you can boost Vitamin D levels in your body. It stimulates the cells in your hair shaft and hair follicles, which in turn encourage hair growth. However, too much sun exposure can harm your skin as well as hair, so limit your time in the sunlight.

4. Fish Oil

Many hair and skin disorders occur due to inflammation, which can obstruct proper blood flow to the hair follicles. Omega-3 fatty acids can decrease this inflammation and reduce hair loss caused due to hindered blood flow. It is found in fish oil, and only two supplements in one day can decrease inflammation to a great extent. People who take blood-thinning medication on a regular basis should first consult their doctor for the ideal dose of Omega-3 fatty acids.

5. Zinc

When we suffer from zinc deficiency, the protein structure of our body deteriorates, which weakens hair follicles and leads to hair fall. With proper zinc intake, hair follicles recover from the damage and deterioration reduces. Increase your daily zinc intake, either in the form of food or in other ways.

Facts about Biotin

  • Biotin and cell enzymes lead to the production of amino acids, which in turn help in the formation of protein. This protein enables keratin formation, an element that is very important for our hair structure. With sufficient amounts of biotin in the body, you can facilitate the production of healthy nails and hair.
  • It is not necessary to consume biotin in the form of pills or buy biotin oil especially. In fact, biotin is present in many foods and you can easily increase your biotin intake with these foods such as eggs, almonds, avocados, etc.
  • Although biotin is a natural element that promotes hair growth and healthy skin, consuming biotin alone is not that effective. For enhanced results, you must improve your overall nutrition intake.
  • It is possible to overdose on biotin supplements, so we recommend taking only suggested amounts of biotin. You will find the recommended dosage printed on the supplement bottle, and if not, you can consult a doctor for guidance.

In What Form Can You Use Biotin

1. Oil

Biotin oil is one of the easiest ways to promote hair growth. Just pour some biotin oil onto your hand and apply it on the scalp. Massage slowly, in circular motions, to enhance blood circulation and encourage repair of hair follicles.

2. Shampoo

Nowadays, shampoos are also available with the benefits of biotin. These shampoos provide sufficient biotin and amino acid supply to the hair, which promotes the repair of hair follicles and enhanced blood circulation to the scalp.

3. Pills

Biotin pills are a popular way of consuming biotin. There are various brands of biotin pills available in the market for hair growth and stronger hair. However, the dosage of these pills should be confirmed before consuming them. It is generally mentioned on the packaging of the biotin pills itself.

Foods Rich in Biotin

It is best to consume biotin in its natural form from food items. Here are some foods rich in biotin.

  • Eggs
  • Legumes
  • Avocados
  • Swiss chard
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Salmon

Preferred Biotin Dose

For children, the preferred biotin dosage is 20 to 25 mcg; and for adults, it is 30 to 35 mcg. However, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have any underlying health condition, consult your doctor for a professional opinion on the appropriate amount of biotin intake.

Biotin for Healthy Hair Vitamins

Biotin has the capability of providing healthy, shiny, and thick hair. However, for that to happen, you must opt for an overall nutritious diet. Biotin works best when it is paired with other supplements, and your hair will naturally become healthy if you have the proper amount of nutrients in your body. So, include all the hair vitamins in your diet for enhanced results.