5 Exercises That Will Help You Gain Stamina

gain stamina
gain stamina

Stamina is your ability to maintain a strenuous pace for a longer period of time. It involves both the strength and endurance of your muscles and the endurance of your heart. It combines anaerobic and aerobic exercise. Beyond improving your athletic performance, increasing your stamina will improve your way of life. You will be able to do more things throughout your day without enduring debilitating fatigue.

Building stamina is beneficial to all ages, body types, and lifestyles. Physical stamina is best built with exercises that are designed to overexert your body. You need to challenge both your strength and endurance. Read on to learn about five exercises that will help you gain stamina. Of course, speak with your doctor before engaging in a new exercise program.

1. Stamina Building with Interval Training

Interval training is a great way to increase your stamina. You can accomplish interval training by breaking up your work out into short bursts of high-intensity training tied together with long pulses of low-intensity exercises. For example, if you plan to run for thirty minutes, jog for 4 minutes, sprint for 1 minute, and repeat for the full 30 minutes. Intervals are a great way to burn calories and better your overall athleticism.

2. Weight Training for Daily Stamina Increases

Weight training is excellent for your whole body. It helps to improve your strength, increases bone density, and overall helps to lower daily fatigue levels. In fact, if you lift weights with the aim of increasing your stamina, you may find that everyday tasks, such as scrubbing the bathtub, become easier. To increase your stamina, you’re going to have to lift heavy. Lift a weight that is heavy enough to fatigue you after 8-12 repetitions, using the proper form of course.

3. Challenge Your Whole Body with Circuit Training

Circuit training is made up of 3-12 different exercises, or stations, that increase your cardiovascular endurance and/or your strength. You string together different exercises that work different parts of your body in different stations so that while your body never has to stop, your muscles get a moment to rest. Here are some great circuit training workouts that will challenge your body and increase your stamina.

4. Add Compound Movements to Your Workouts

Don’t have time for a whole new workout schedule? Add some compound movements to what you are currently doing. These exercises use more than one joint, and therefore several muscles, at a time to help build endurance.

5. Focusing on Aerobic Stamina

If all of the above sounds too intense for you right now, don’t worry about it. You can still increase your stamina and therefore your quality of life. Improving your aerobic stamina by doing cardiovascular exercise will help you be able to do moderate to low intensity work for a longer period of time. Try increasing the time you are hiking, swimming, walking, cycling, or jogging by five minutes or a quarter-mile/lap every week.