5 Easy Going Ways to Stop Overeating

stop overeating
stop overeating

Once in blue moon, stop overeating some of your favorite food at your friends’ place or at any party is fine. But developing a habit of overeating every time will lead to health problems. Overeating just because you liked the food is not fair, after all, it is your stomach and not a storage place where you can keep hogging on food and then sit back and relax. It is obvious that the body is going to complain about this behavior of yours.

People have often seen stop overeating in situations like- stress, depression, to accompany a friend in finishing the food, boredom, loneliness, to pass the time, or sometimes they really don’t understand that they are full and shouldn’t eat more. Overeating is a very serious issue and one should take charge to overcome it. It can affect your health very badly and can give birth to major health risks like – stroke, high cholesterol, diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure, etc.

Many people wonder how to stop overeating. They try ways to give up their favorite food and fail to succeed. Here are some easy ways that will stop you from overeating without giving up your favorite food.

  1. Sharing- Food addiction results in compulsive stop overeating. If you are addicted to some foods, the best way to eat them is by sharing it with your friends or colleagues. If you are alone then it is your duty to think about the effects after overeating. Surely, you would not like to spend most of the time visiting hospitals for cholesterol or blood pressure check-ups.
  2. Allow someone to serve you- At home, give your family the pleasure to serve you food. You will often tend to eat what is on the plate and not ask for more. Avoid buffet-style eating. If you are alone at home; cook less amount of food or which you can finish at a time. Overeating cases are more seen where; women look to finish the food as it will go waste. If you are so worried about getting the food being wasted, cook less or store it in the refrigerator for the next meal.
  3. Give your meal the importance- Eating itself is an activity; don’t mix it with watching television, playing board games, or most common socializing through your cell phone. You won’t feel good if ignored by someone whom you like, how can the foods like being ignored by a foodie like you? Chew the food slowly and enjoy each bite.
  4. Finish what is in your mouth- People have a habit of continuously fidgeting the food in their plate, either with a spoon or chopsticks. The best approach is; have one bite and leave the spoon on the plate keeping your hands free. Don’t go for another bite until you have fully chewed the previous. This will result in slow and less eating.
  5. Crockery- Eat in plates which are of dark colors like- dark violet, dark blue, or colors which you don’t like. While eating, you will look on your plate and will not wish to have more on that plate. Reduce the size of the plate. Smaller plates will give less space to serve food.

Overeating is not only a bad habit but it shows how irresponsible one can be. Overeating is the cause of most of the health disorders. Simply put, eat the right food in the right quantity. Life is so beautiful, and there is a lot more to do other than just stop overeating and inviting health problems.