5 Most Common Skin Care Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Skin Care Mistakes

Every woman dreams of having perfect skin. But, unfortunately, lots of us are so enthusiastic about maintaining healthy-looking and beautiful skin. Skincare is a priority in woman’s daily ritual, but many of us continue to commit mistakes.

#1. Using a cleanser with harsh detergents:

Using a facial cleanser will help clean up your skin. Unfortunately, a facial cleanser with a harsh detergent like lauryl sulfate strips the skin of vital facts. If you have dry skin, many skin experts suggest natural cleansing oils that help take out dirt and  makeup  without interfering with your skin’s natural defensive barrier. Before purchasing any cleaners, make sure you know what kind of skin you have and pick your cleanser accordingly.

#2. Touching your face regularly:

Eliminating the unnecessary touching of your face can significantly reduce the risk of developing skin problems. This is because your hands touch the number of surfaces and may accumulate many germs and bacteria that will rise to numerous skin conditions. For example, people with acne are advised to never touch their faces unnecessarily as it can exasperate their pimple inflammation, and the bacteria spread to unaffected areas of their face, which often increases their risk of developing more pimples.

#3. You skimp on sleep and water:

Sleep and hydration are keys to the skin’s wellbeing. If you do not drink enough water every day, it can truly leave your epidermis thirsty and make your skin look dull and dry. Lack of sleep impacts you more deeply and shows more prominently in your face like dark circles, lacklustre complexion, fine lines, acne, etc. Lack of good sleep suppresses your defence mechanism, which in turn causes skin-related issues. Stay fresh-faced by aiming for the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

#4. Not washing your face before bed:

During the day, when you are outdoors, your skin tends to accumulate dirt, oil, and free toxins floating around. Please clean up your face before bedtime, as it will help remove the dirt so that your skin may breathe. Obtain plenty of sleep with  clean skin  to get a healthful and lovelier look. It is advisable to clean your face after you rinse out your hair products and conditioners in the shower as these hair products may contain pore-clogging isopropyl myristate, which is usually an acne-causing component.

#5. Missing a daily sunscreen:

It would help if you never left home without applying sunscreen lotions since it will protect your skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays without causing further irritation. In addition, many skin specialists may recommend you to use sunscreen with SPF 30 every day to help combat sun damage. Sun’s rays harm you by penetrating deep into the skin, which results in destroying collagen, harming DNA, and depleting your outer layer of essential nutrients like vitamin A. So if you spend in the sun for an extended period, make sure you cover SPF 30 or higher every day.