3 Minutes to Plump Lips

plump lips

In the fall, it’s not long before we feel the effects of the crisp, cool air and blasts of dry indoor heat on our skin. It seems as though our best plump lips gloss get hit the hardest—mine are terribly dry, and I even woke up today with a spilled lip… not fun! Fret not, however. I have a sure-fire approach to fixing your kisser!

No amount of moisturizing will save dry, dehydrated plump lips. Slathering on salves, butter and balms is a great way to protect your lips, but you’ve got to start with a nice, smooth foundation. This is where exfoliation comes in. Do it right, and you’ve got the fountain of youth. Do it wrong, and you exacerbate skin problems.

There are so many DIY and prepackaged face and lip scrubs floating around out there. Most of them use salt or granulated sugar, which is a big no-no. I studied skincare at the International Dermal Institute in Boston, where I learned from the pros. They taught that when it comes to exfoliants, you should never use anything as large as a sugar granule on the face and lips.

The problem is, large pieces of sugar or salt are far too abrasive and actually scratch the skin. That’s why you may notice irritation or redness after using a sugar or salt scrub. When you use this type of treatment on the body, it stimulates circulation and combats cellulite. However, you need to keep it off your face, whether a more gentle approach is appropriate.

So, here it is—my go-to lip remedy. It’s easy, fast, entirely natural and inexpensive. This lip exfoliant will leave you ready to pucker up, with plenty of cash left in your wallet for other purchases. Also, there’s no big DIY project mess after you’re done!

Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Mix it all in a small bowl or cup until well incorporated, then smear over dry, best plump lips gloss. Working in gentle circular strokes, apply the mixture to your top and bottom lips. It’s very important not to scrub up and down—as one of my esthetics instructors would say, “It’s a face, not a dish!”

2. Leave the scrub on for 1-3 minutes, then remove with a warm, wet facecloth. Again, use gentle circular strokes to buff off the scrub. Rinse with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

3. Immediately apply a dab of oil or lip balm, and boom—smoother, extremely kissable lips. As an added bonus, your lip products will permeate more effectively, instead of sitting atop dead, flaky skin.

That’s it. Feel free to omit the honey or agave if you don’t have any on hand; the scrub is still great without these ingredients. Pamper yourself with this treatment once a week, and dole out the softest smooches in town—you might even consider setting up a kissing booth. Happy exfoliating!

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