17 Ways to Fight Depression

ways to fight depression
ways to fight depression

Depression is an invisible ailment that not many people truly understand. When you’re suffering from depression, it’s hard to get support from others because they think you’re just sad and lonely. The best way to get through this ordeal is by fighting your own fight. Here are some different ways you can battle your depression.

1. Exercise.

Moving your body releases endorphins, the happy hormone. A simple stroll at the mall or a quick jog in the park can increase your endorphin levels and make you feel livelier. Exercise also has several other benefits to human health that can keep depression at bay.

2. Eat healthy.

Healthy foods provide the body with the necessary nutrients to function efficiently. Some nutrients and substances in food, such as omega fatty acids found in fish and nuts, are natural remedies to depression. Eating healthy and tasty food will increase your satisfaction, making you feel happier.

3. Set goals for yourself.

Focusing on your goals will make you less preoccupied with the problems that you’re experiencing in life. You will have something sensible to occupy your time with.

4. Communicate.

Don’t keep it all to yourself. Speak up and share your troubles with someone you love, like your parents or significant other.

5. Find trustworthy people.

It’s easier to talk to people you trust and seek comfort from them.

6. Identify your problems.

Sometimes, depression can go on for so long without any apparent cause. Find out why you’re depressed and try to fix it on your own. You can also seek professional help to solve your problem.

7. Be a problem-solver.

Instead of dwelling on your problems and overthinking things, find a solution and do it. You can save more time and energy by actively solving the problem than just thinking about it constantly.

8. Indulge.

Sometimes, you need to give in to your guilty pleasures to feel happy. Eat a pint of your favorite ice cream or buy a pair of designer shoes. Even small things that bring you joy can help relieve a bout of depression.

9. Avoid drinking alcohol.

Alcohol can be a trigger to many emotions, including sadness. Sometimes, depressed people use “liquid courage” to commit suicide. Sobriety will help you think straight and realize what your priorities in life are. You will be able to think more clearly if you don’t have alcohol in your system.

10.Stop blaming yourself.

Many things happen every day, and most of these things are out of our hands. Even if you can find a connection between you and the tragedy you endured, you shouldn’t blame yourself for it. No matter how much regret and remorse you have, it won’t change what already happened. The best way to move forward is to accept that it has happened and learn from the experience.

11.Don’t relive the past.

One of the reasons why people can’t overcome depression is because they always think of the painful experience they had in the past that triggered the depression spell. It’s alright to remember, especially if you lost a loved one, but reliving the pain over and over will just make depression worse.

12.Seek a support group.

A support group can be in the form of a circle of friends, close relatives or even a mentor who inspires you. Support can be found in many places, which means you have several options to choose from. If you belong in a religious organization, you can look to it for help. Join an organization that includes for your interests, such as music or art.

13.Take small steps.

If you’re suffering from a loss and battling depression, don’t make huge life decisions, such as moving to another home or quitting your job. You might realize after you’re done mourning that you made a mistake, and that could affect your entire future. Slow down with all the decision making, especially when you’re not thinking straight.

14.Take care of your body.

Pay attention to your physical appearance and fix whatever you feel is making you self-conscious. If you have unhealthy teeth and gums, perhaps what you need is periodontal treatment. Wear clothes that complement your body shape and stick with vibrant, fun colors. Looking good and staying healthy will make you feel better about yourself.

15.Use natural anti-depressants.

Some natural anti-depressants include St. John’s wort and vitamin B complex. Sedatives can help reduce depression by minimizing anxiety, such as green tea and warm milk.

16.Be positive.

Positive energy can defeat depression in many ways. A depressed individual may find it difficult to look at the bright side, but it’s the best self-help solution to overcome depression.

17.Seek professional care.

If all else fails, look for a professional to help you. A psychologist will be able to help you, but for severe cases of depression, you will need a team of medical professionals with a separate psychologist and psychiatrist working with you.

Being depressed isn’t a sin, but it can be difficult to accept, especially if the people around you are apathetic. The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you don’t need validation from other people. Don’t seek others’ approval and acceptance to be happy. Learning to accept yourself and the things that are happening in your life is the strongest solution to achieve genuine joy, positivity and enlightenment.