10 Ways Coffee Can Improve Your Overall Health

overall health

Is there anything that we’re looking forward to more than a hot cup of coffee? If you’re an avid coffee lover, then probably not. However, if you are a lover of the brown bean, then you’ve probably heard that “it’s not that overall health for you to drink so much coffee”. And yes, this sentence can be quite annoying, especially because it’s not true. Coffee is not only super tasty, it can actually improve our overall health in several ways, so take a look at this list and you will have not only one but ten great arguments the next time someone tells you that you need to cut down on the amount of coffee you’re drinking!

1. Reduces the possibility of a stroke

You’ll probably hear the opposite of this, but that’s only because caffeine isn’t really helping people who have already developed a certain condition. This is why people who suffer from high blood pressure should limit the number of cups of coffee twice a day. However, certain studies on middle-aged women and men showed that drinking two or three cups of coffee a day can reduce the possibility of a stroke (on condition that you haven’t developed any critical condition).

2. Boosts mental capacities

If you’re a true coffee drinker, then you need your first cup of coffee the moment you wake up. There’s a perfectly good explanation for this, as coffee can boost your mental capacities and make you more concentrated and willing to work.

3. Can boost your workout

Not only does coffee make you more focused and awake, but it can also reduce fatigue which is excellent if you like working out. Coffee boosts the athletic performance of everyone who loves doing cardio exercises and high-intensity training sessions. If you are, on the other hand, more into running, biking, or swimming, there’s good news for you as well: coffee can improve your speed and reduce muscle pain.

4. Keeps your brain sharp

If you have a big exam or a big presentation coming up, then you definitely need to have a cup of coffee. Why? Because many studies have shown that coffee and caffeine, in general, can enhance your short-term memory and cognition. This is why people should rely on the strongest coffee bean as their base. Apart from that, coffee can improve your performance in problem-solving tasks.

5. Protects you from dementia…

Apart from keeping your brain constantly aware and awake, coffee can reduce your chances of developing dementia. This due to the fact that coffee has extremely positive effects on one’s nervous system – according to a study, people who drink around three cups of coffee a day have a 65% lower chance of developing this quite unwanted condition.

6. … and diabetes

It’s not only dementia that coffee can protect you from but also type 2 diabetes. Caffeine affects every person differently, but unless you’re already suffering from diabetes, the chances of coffee keeping you safe from this condition are quite high. This is because regular caffeine drinkers have higher levels of adiponectin, a protein that regulates blood sugar.

7. Makes you less depressed

A systematic review from 2016 that compared coffee, tea, and caffeine in terms of a person’s risk of depression, coffee proved to be the most beneficial. Coffee is full of caffeine, polyphenols chlorogenic, ferulic, and caffeic acid, all of which help in reducing depression.

8. Can help you lose weight

Even though you can achieve this with certain diets and by avoiding junk and greasy food, many still tend to search for different ways in which they can lose unnecessary weight. Well, the answer might lie in cups of coffee, as certain coffee compounds (caffeine and chlorogenic acid) can significantly lower body weight. Apart from body weight, these compounds also lower the insulin and triglyceride levels in the body which means that they burn more fat in order to produce energy.

9. Reduces the risk of liver and prostate cancer

If you like drinking alcohol, then you ought to know that this beverage significantly damages your liver. This means that perhaps the next time you hit the pub, you can order a cup of coffee instead. Apart from reducing the risk of liver cancer, coffee can do wonders for prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer among men. There’s still not enough evidence to back up these claims, but certain studies found that guys who drink coffee regularly have a 21% lower risk of ending up with this horrific disease.

10. Enhances the quality of your sex life

Sex life is also quite important. First of all, coffee can help you in the prevention of erectile dysfunction, so this is the beverage that you want to drink after you hit your 40s (this is the age when men start to experience a certain degree of erectile dysfunction). Also, coffee can enrich your libido, especially if you combine it with ingredients such as maca, honey, and coconut milk.

Now you have your ten arguments that you can use against all the people who are against you drinking your third cup of coffee! Not only is this drink the favorite beverage of many people, but it also has some great advantages. Cheers!